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Record Jackpot: Someone Won $ 1,6 Billion

Lucky bought a ticket in South Carolina.

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Representatives of the American lottery Mega Millions reported the existence of one winning ticket in the drawing of a record jackpot worth 1,6 billion dollars, writes "Voice of America".

The lottery, in which the jackpot was broken, took place late on Tuesday. Representatives of the lottery in California and Arizona confirmed that there were no winners in their states.

It is known that a lottery ticket, in which all six numbers coincided with the winning ones, was purchased in South Carolina.

The winning numbers were 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 and an additional ball (Mega Ball) with 5 number.

The lucky winner of such a jackpot was incredibly lucky: the probability that all six numbers on the ticket would match the winning numbers was 1 on 302,5 million.

A week ago, another store in San Francisco, Safeway, was the point of purchase for the Mega Millions lottery ticket, which won $ 1.9 million. It turned out that it was a baker from this store, writes NBC News.

On Friday, the AM-PM Morgan Hill store sold the Mega Millions ticket, which won $ 3,4 million.

And in July, in San Jose, a group of Wells Fargo employees who combined their money together hit the Mega Millions jackpot worth $ 543 million.

Another huge Powerball jackpot will take place on Wednesday, October 24. At stake is about $ 620 million.

Americans love to buy lottery tickets. On average, an American spends about $ 200 a year to buy lottery tickets, although residents of some states give much more. According to the study LendEDUOn average, a Massachusetts resident spends $ 735 annually on lottery tickets, while in Delaware or New York, expenses are likely to approach $ 400 per year or $ 33 per month.

According to polls, Americans would react differently to winning a multi-million jackpot:

  • 74,8% of respondents would take the entire amount at once, 25,2% would divide the amount into several annual payments;
  • 43,4% of respondents would immediately claim a win, 56,6% would wait some time before announcing a win;
  • 80,1% of respondents would consult about options for investing money with a lawyer / accountant / financial advisor, 19,9% would decide the fate of the win;
  • 90,7% would prefer to remain anonymous if won, 9,3% would publicly announce a win;
  • 48,1% of respondents would have quit their jobs if they won; 51.9% would continue to work.
  • 63,6% would hire a financial advisor to manage the money, 36,2% would manage the finances on their own.
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