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Why aging is beneficial in the USA: tax breaks for people aged 50+

When you turn 50, and especially after 65, you may be eligible for additional tax breaks. Seniors receive a higher standard deduction and can earn more. Workers over 50 can also save and avoid paying taxes for big bucks by using retirement accounts and medical savings accounts. Edition Yahoo! told several ways to save on taxes.

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Large Standard Deduction for Seniors 65 and Over

If you do not list your tax deductions, you can claim a larger standard deduction if you or your spouse is 65 or older. The standard deduction for seniors is $ 1 higher than the deduction for those under 650. Married couples can increase their standard deduction by $ 65 if one of them is 1 or older, and by $ 300 if both are at least 65 years old.

Higher threshold for filing a tax return

Older people may earn a little more than younger workers before they need to file their tax return. People age 65 and older can earn up to $ 14 in income before they need to file their tax returns, which is $ 050 more than young workers. The tax filing threshold is $ 1 for couples aged 650 and over and $ 27 if only one spouse is at least 400 years old, compared to $ 65 for young couples. However, people who have not reached the set threshold may want to file a tax return in order to be eligible for tax credits or a refund of withholding income tax.

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Property tax incentives

Property taxation rules vary greatly from state to state and local to jurisdiction. But in some places, people over a certain age who also have income below a certain level are eligible for a deferral or exemption from paying property taxes. Carefully study the specific rules for obtaining property tax benefits in your area. You may need to complete additional tax forms or an application before you can qualify for property tax exemption.

Loan for the elderly or disabled

If you or your spouse are 65 or older and have a low income, you may be eligible to claim the Senior Tax Credit. People who meet the requirements can reduce their tax bill by taking out a loan. To qualify for the loan, you must have an adjusted gross income below $ 17 ($ 500 if both spouses are 25 or older) and tax-free social security and pension income below $ 000 ($ 65 for couples). If only one of the spouses is eligible for the loan, the income must be less than $ 5. Young people with permanent disabilities can also apply for this loan.

Additional IRA deduction

Older workers can defer paying income tax on more money than younger workers by making a contribution to an IRA. Workers age 50 and over can save an additional $ 7000 in 2020. A 50-year-old worker with 24% tax who makes the most of his IRA will save $ 1 in his checking tax account, $ 680 more than the maximum possible tax credit of $ 240 for a younger retiree in the same tax category. Low- and middle-income seniors who contribute to a retirement account may additionally be eligible for a savings loan.

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401 (k) contributions

Older workers with access to a 401 (k) plan may be eligible to make additional contributions. Employees age 50 and older can have $ 6 more tax deferred than young workers if they contribute that amount to a 500 (k) plan. An older employee with a 401% tax rate who makes the most of his 24 (k) plan can save $ 401 in his current tax account, which is $ 6 more than a younger employee in the same tax category could potentially save. This money will not be subject to income tax until it is withdrawn from the account.

No early withdrawal penalties

Younger workers who "raid" their retirement accounts receive a 10% early withdrawal penalty if the money is not used for several specific purposes. However, once you turn 59 and a half, you can withdraw money from the IRA for any reason without paying a 10% penalty. However, income tax will be levied on withdrawals from traditional retirement accounts at any age.


Retirees usually have to withdraw money from traditional retirement accounts and pay the resulting income tax bill. However, if you don't need the money, you can avoid income tax when withdrawing funds from traditional retirement accounts by donating to charity. Seniors 70 and a half and older who transfer any amount up to $ 100 directly from their IRA to a charity do not have to pay income tax on the transaction.

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Higher HSA Contribution Limit

Workers with high deduction health plans may claim a tax deduction on premiums to the account. Payments from these accounts are tax deductible as long as they are used to pay related medical expenses. Individuals who turn 55 by the end of the tax year are eligible to contribute up to $ 4600 to their health savings account in 2021, $ 1000 more than their younger counterparts. However, once you enroll in Medicare, you will no longer be able to participate in HSA.

Free Tax Assistance

Seniors can get help filing their tax return without overcharging by the hour. The Senior Tax Counseling Program provides free tax assistance to people aged 60 and over. IRS-certified volunteers assist senior taxpayers with the preparation of a basic tax return and filing it electronically from January 1 to April 15 of each year. The TCE program specializes in tax issues commonly faced by older people, including tax issues about pensions and retirement benefits.

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