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Didn't take root in the USA: five stories of Russian-speaking immigrants who returned from America to their homeland

Every year, thousands of people from the countries of the former Soviet Union move to the United States in search of a better life. But not everyone gets used to new realities and new culture. The stories of five immigrants who returned to their homeland, told by the author blog "Ours in the USA" on Yandex.Zen.

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1. Elina Wailey

She came to the United States in 1988 immediately after graduating from the Faculty of Philology. The graduate got a job as a teacher at a school in California, and eventually at a college. In California, Elina met her future husband Ken, and later they had children. But life in the United States did not work out for the young woman.

The abundance of goods and high wages in comparison with Russia at first made the immigrants happy. But it was difficult for Elina to get used to some of the nuances. She perceived the American mentality as the disunity of society, in addition to this, a lack of spirituality, the inability to build normal friendly relations with Americans - all this oppressed her.

“In the States, despite material well-being, I am tired of the local culture of consumption, lies in the media, corporate control over the minds and will of the American,” she explains.

After living in the USA for 21 years, the family returned to Russia and absolutely do not regret it.

2. Nurlan Evraliev

Nurlan came to the United States as part of the Work and Travel student program back in 2007. And after returning home, he unexpectedly received an offer from an American company to sign a contract for three years. Nurlan, of course, agreed. Together with his girlfriend, the guy went to the States, where he received the position of a social worker.

His responsibilities included helping families who were adoptive parents of children from the countries of the former USSR. Fantasies of a carefree life were quickly dispelled - after parting with the girl, Nurlan could not build a relationship with American women. Later, the young guy began to feel weary about his work, not seeing any prospects in it.

“Life in immigration is not beautiful photos that have nothing to do with reality. My main mistake was the thought that it would be easier abroad. As a result, I was tormented by loneliness and the feeling that I was not doing what I should, ”explains Nurlan.

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At the end of the contract, the guy returned to Russia, where he soon found his soul mate. Nurlan says that at the moment he is absolutely happy.

3. Alex Ponomarenko

The founder of educational projects The British Club and ANGLOZONA Alex Ponomarenko left the Ukrainian university for the American dream. Arriving in the United States, he got a job as a dishwasher. As a result, he was able to secure jobs at Newman partners and OCC, which have partnered with Fortune 500 companies.

He started his career as a dishwasher, then became an assistant waiter and soon - a waiter. As a result, he worked for two of the largest catering companies in New York. I managed to be a model. The next stage is the Tiffany jewelry company. Christmas is the most important holiday in the United States, and Tiffany needed additional staff.

“I went through five interviews to get the job. There was a crazy competition - 100 people for one place. All competitors are Americans. Soon I grew up to be a manager of a Fortune 500 company, at the same time developing my own business and advising on obtaining political asylum in the United States, ”says Alex.

Nevertheless, he decided to develop business in Ukraine.

“I sat down and calculated: in Ukraine you can earn at the American level, but spend much less. With the efforts that the United States demands, Ukraine can get many times more results. They cook delicious food here, clean air, family nearby, and zero competition. Having gained experience in the United States, I realized that in Ukraine one can better realize oneself. Wherever you poke it with a stick, it will sprout everywhere, because it is empty, ”sums up the entrepreneur.

4. Oksana Nechiporuk

The girl from Lviv was lucky more than once - Oksana twice won the green card lottery. The first time she did not manage to move, but Oksana did not want to miss such a second chance and began to draw up documents. In the United States, work was found quickly, but there were problems with finding housing: either too far from the place of work, or too expensive for her salary.

“In order to have enough money to pay for basic expenses and necessary purchases, I had to work from morning to evening. Every month, my employer withdrew money for health insurance. I tried to rent a house without neighbors, but pretty soon my salary was cut and I had to look for a room again, ”Oksana said.

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So she lived for 2 years, but the girl did not manage to arrange her life. Oksana was very worried that by her 40s she only had a rented room. Now the woman lives in her hometown, and the United States plans to visit occasionally to relax.

5. Elena Bazu

Elena works as a lifestyle blogger and web designer. It was on a work visa that the girl flew to New York. During the year of her American life, Elena realized that it was very good to work in the USA, but she did not like everyday life.

Excessive rental housing, expensive medicine, lack of new friends and a language barrier - all this became a stumbling block for successful integration into American society. In addition, a young beautiful girl, Elena, was struck by the imperfection of the American beauty industry:

“There is no good manicure in New York (of the quality we are used to), styling is done here with the left foot, in the cheapest salons, body and face care costs from $ 200. I haven't even cut my hair once in a year, because I'm just afraid. I generally keep quiet about depilation, massage and pedicure, ”says Elena.

All these little things came together and forced the girl to return to her native Kiev, although the employing company offered to extend her work visa for another year. Overall, Elena says, she loves New York. It was just a wonderful year in her life - with travels, impressions, new discoveries and invaluable experience.

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