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How important is the expiration date of drugs: is it possible to take drugs after its expiration

The expiration dates on a package of cookies or a jar of peanut butter in your pantry may seem unimportant, but does the same apply to medicines in your bathroom cabinets? CNBC.

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Chances are you've been using your shampoo or sunscreen for a few days - or even months - past the expiration date, and that's probably fine. But drugs are different, says Erin Burton, pharmacy manager for CVS Health.

"It's important to check drug expiration dates because they become less effective after that date," says Burton.

"You don't want to take a drug that doesn't help you with the disease you're trying to treat, especially if it's a severe condition," she says.

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"People really need to follow what's printed on the label," Burton says. “We really shouldn’t be using medications that are even a day out of date.”

Burton notes that storing expired drugs or not disposing of leftover drugs gives them the opportunity to fall into the wrong hands.

There are certain medications that are really undesirable to keep around the house, she says, including painkillers such as opioids, stimulants or depressants. These drugs can be highly addictive, she adds.

“We know that two-thirds of teens who abused painkillers in the past year say they got them from a family member or friend. This includes our home first aid kits,” says Burton.

Where to go if you need to restock your medications and they are not sold in the US

Many immigrants use medicines that they brought from their homeland. But any supply sooner or later ends or spoils. If you need to replenish your first aid kit with medicines from your homeland or any other, contact USA Pharmacy website!

There are always more than 500 types of products in stock - familiar native medicines from post-Soviet countries with fast delivery all over the world! Free US shipping on orders over $59, shipped same day when you order before 15:00 pm.

USA Pharmacy offers bonuses and discounts for regular customers, as well as secret promotional codes for discounts in the email newsletter.

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How to properly dispose of expired medicines

Given the loss of effectiveness after the expiration date and the potential harm of storing old medicines in cupboards, you should dispose of medicines that you no longer need.

But there is an ideal way to do this, which Burton highly recommends.

Find a return point near local pharmacies. “One important note is that you remember to remove any personal information from the label before discarding the medicine,” says Burton.

You can also throw them in your household trash. You must mix them with the unwanted substance and place them in an airtight container or bag.

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CVS Drug Disposal Units accept prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and liquid medications. They do not accept prohibited substances, needles or syringes, medical devices or batteries, aerosol cans or inhalers.

You can throw away your inhalers by contacting your local trash or recycling company so they can be disposed of safely, Burton says.

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