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Forest fires raging in the West of the USA: gusty winds and extreme arid conditions expected

As of the morning of June 17, almost three dozen forest fires are raging in the United States, and most of them are in Arizona, and there is a massive evacuation of the population. Writes about it ABC News.

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The largest fire in the state is called Bush Fire, and has an area of ​​64 acres (513 ha), making it the biggest fire this year. The fire has not been able to localize.

Mangum Fire is 29 689 acres (12 014 ha), it was possible to localize only 3%. About 230 people were evacuated, and the northern edge of the Grand Canyon is closed.

In Durango (Colorado), the East Canyon Fire continues, it occupies an area of ​​2703 acres (1 ha), and at present it has not been possible to localize, evacuations are being carried out.

The Big Horn Fire near Tucson (Arizona), is 15 805 acres (6 396 hectares), it was possible to localize 40%.

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Also, Avila Fire in the district of San Luis Obispo burned an area of ​​400 acres (161 ha), it was localized by 50%, the evacuation of the population was canceled.

Eight states from California to Kansas are under fire warning due to gusty winds of up to 45 mph (72 km / h) and very dry conditions. Especially in Colorado and New Mexico, where relative humidity can be as little as 6%.

A long-term forecast shows that dry, hot and windy conditions will continue, especially in Arizona, so it will not be easy for firefighters to deal with forest fires.

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In the U.S. Arizona Forest fires
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