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Who to study in college to make good money: popular specialties lead to low wages

A recent study found that there are significant differences in pay depending on the field of study. The most popular majors in colleges are not the highest paying, reports The Hill.

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The HEA group, founded by Michael Itzkowitz, a former Department of Education official under Obama, compared Department of Education data and looked at average wages four years after students received their bachelor's degrees.

“We hope that our data will be useful for those who are going to go to college. It is important that students, wherever they go, and whatever field of study they choose, know that it was worth it, ”Itzkowitz wrote on Twitter.

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A study found that some of the most popular college bachelor's degrees don't always lead to high-paying jobs. Nearly two out of five college graduates in the US regret their major choices, nearly half of them in the liberal arts or arts, according to a Washington Post report.

In fact, only three of the ten most popular majors had median salaries in excess of $50: business administration, registered nursing, and accounting. The lowest paid major in the group was teacher education and professional development.

The highest paid specialties

For those looking to pursue one of the most lucrative bachelor's degrees, it's good to be interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Four of the highest-paid degrees—operations analytics (improving company websites and programs), naval engineering, computer science, and maritime transport—had an average salary of over $100, followed by computer engineering ($000).

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The highest paid specialty, operations analytics, had an average salary of $112.

Rounding out the top ten are veterinary sciences ($97), petroleum engineering ($533), systems engineering ($96), pharmaceutical sciences and management ($957), and electrical and telecommunications engineering ($95).

Students can complete the certificate program, which typically takes only 6-18 months and offers "very competitive salaries, even outperforming their associates and bachelor's degree counterparts," the study found.

Graduates of the highest paying certification program, Information Science and Technology, had an average income of over $65 four years after graduation.

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“The HEA report is an excellent starting point for students who are thinking about pursuing higher education,” Etzkowitz said. “If they know the major and schools they want to attend, our report can give them an idea of ​​how much they can earn in the years following graduation.”

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