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A cyclist crashed into a bear at full speed: the animal first fled, but then returned to the place of the 'accident'

Vancouver cyclist recovering in hospital after his encounter with a bear at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, reports NSNews.

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Kevin Milner was cycling down the eight-kilometer Seymour Valley paved trail around 16:20 pm on May 30. At some point, he turned a corner at speed and noticed a black bear.

Wrong decision

The 30-year-old man had to make an instant decision. He had 2 options: either apply the brakes and stop right in front of a frightened bear like him, or try to go around it and continue moving. Milner decided not to stop.

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Unfortunately, Milner and the bear chose the same strategy.

“The moment I made this decision, the bear decided to run and ran right across the road, right in front of me. And I bumped into the animal, did a somersault right across its back. I almost kissed the bear, and then, it seems, I flew into the air, ”he said.

Milner landed on his side while the bear ran into the bushes.

Soon other cyclists approached him and offered to help. Two young women rode south to a place where they could pick up a cell phone and call XNUMX, while another man on an electric bike stayed with Milner.

They waited for rescuers for about 15 minutes, and then they saw that the bear had returned. The bear apparently had more luck in the collision than Milner.

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“These bears are tough as trucks,” Milner said. “I thought I was going to die.”

The bear was also not embarrassed by the second man, who tried to drive him away from the injured and upset Milner.

“The bear was looking at me curiously, like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’” Milner said. “Then the bear just started eating grass. He just got on with his day."

Milner was spitting blood and worried about internal injuries, unable to walk or even lift his leg. But he no longer wanted to wait for help.

Milner convinced his random assistant to lend him an electric bike and help him get on it. Despite his wounded state, Milner drove himself to the entrance to the forest. Along the way, he met young women who were on their way to get help.

“This thing goes really fast,” he said, referring to the electric bike.

There he was met by paramedics from the ambulance service and taken to Lions Gate Hospital. He was left overnight for analysis and observation. Milner said he feels like a bit of a star.

"The Most Canadian Thing"

Among the injuries that he was diagnosed with: a broken scapula, contusion of the heart, bruised ribs and numbness.

“It feels like the whole left side of my torso has gone to the dentist,” he said, clearly having trouble breathing between sentences.

Milner, who grew up in Lynn Valley, said he cycled in the Lower Seymour Preserve all his life. It will probably stop now, he said.

"After a bear encounter, it's probably safer to just drive," he said.

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Asked if he could learn anything from his experience, Milner replied that he recommends not trying to avoid a bear.

“I'm just really, really glad to be alive,” he said. "It's like the most Canadian thing that can happen in North Vancouver."

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