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Millions of people gathered to storm the secret base of the United States to save the aliens

More than a million users of social networks promise to take part in the storming of the 51 Zone - the American military base, which for decades has been one of the most guarded secrets on the planet. Adherents of the ufological theories believe that alien ships are hiding there and cloning newcomers. "" I found out what else is known about this place.

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According to official figures, Area 51 is a remote division of the United States Air Force Edwards Air Force Base located near the Groom Lake Salt Lake, 133 kilometers from Las Vegas. Its coordinates have long been no secret, and any layman can enter “Area 51” in the search for the Google Earth application and look at satellite images of the mysterious object.

This was not always the case. For a long time, the US authorities managed to exclude images of this area from all databases. In 2000, the Federation of American Scientists published photographs of the 51 Zone taken by a Soviet satellite during the Cold War years. They show the growth of the military base since the end of 1960-s, the construction of new buildings and the runway.

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Nothing suspicious is seen there from space, but this does not confuse conspiracy theorists. They believe that the base goes deep into the 40 floors and communicates with other facilities through a wide network of underground railways. It seems unlikely: it is impossible to conceal such a large-scale building. Why did the US government do everything possible to hide what was happening in the 51 Zone?

Security and privacy

To say that access to the 51 Zone is limited is to say nothing. To impede surveillance, thousands of hectares of land near the military base were removed from public use. For a long time, truth seekers tried to examine it from the surrounding mountains, but now this loophole has been closed. To see anything, you have to climb Tikabu Peak 42 kilometers from the site. From there you can distinguish only the lights of the runway and, if lucky, the take-off of the aircraft.

Along the perimeter of the 51 Zone, there are orange pillars with signs that prohibit filming and warn that guards have the right to shoot to kill. Sensors are installed along the fence that respond to movement and distinguish between animals and people. The territory is patrolled by people in camouflage uniforms who ensure that everything is quiet and advise violators to pay attention to the signs. In case of misunderstanding, they can select cameras and voice recorders.

The airspace of the 51 Zone is open only to passenger Boeings with the word “Janet” in the call sign - they carry the base staff to work. Military pilots who crossed its border by mistake, waiting for reprimand, and deliberate violation may result in a tribunal. Both military and civilian employees of the 51 Zone sign a non-disclosure agreement. However, to see what does not concern them, they still can not, because the buildings have no windows. During the tests, no one is allowed to the runway until the plane returns to the hangar.

Supporters of conspiracies with alien participation are convinced that such secrecy is necessary to hide the terrible secrets about aliens from ordinary mortals, but there is a more plausible explanation. It is enough to know exactly which aircraft are tested in the 51 Zone.

Aircraft 51 Zones

Officially, the facility serves to "test technology and training systems for operations critical to the effectiveness of the US Armed Forces and the security of the United States." What does it mean? In 2013, the freedom of information law forced the American authorities to open the veil of secrecy. From the declassified documents on the development of the U-2 and A-12 reconnaissance aircraft, it followed that they were tested in Area 51.

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In the same place the Soviet fighters who somehow got to the USA were run in around. In April, the US Air Force Lt. Gen. Robert M. Bond died in a plane crash near the 1984 Zone in April 51. According to official information, he crashed in a modified test aircraft, but the media found out that in reality he piloted the MiG-23. In 2013, former military pilot Allan Palmer told the Huffington Post that, in the middle of 1970, he saw MiGs with American identification marks during a flight in the area.

Of course, Zone 51 owes its glory not to reconnaissance aircraft and not even to Soviet MiGs, but to flying saucers. In 1989, the world was shocked by the confessions of the American Robert Lazar, who claimed that he worked there as a scientist. According to him, the authorities have nine alien ships and are successfully mastering alien technologies, and on the object itself, posters with the image of UFOs and the words "They are here" flaunt everywhere.

Skeptics believe that Lazar is lying. There is no evidence even of the fact that he is really a scientist or at least received a higher education. Lazar, in turn, explains this by saying that the government has destroyed all data on his scientific degrees and places of work.

Representatives of the US Air Force many times publicly denied the connection of the 51 Zone and aliens, but rumors are not getting smaller. Ufologists are convinced that in the 51 Zone they hide the alien body and the alien spacecraft that allegedly crashed in 1947 in the state of New Mexico. Others go further and claim that the world is actually ruled by aliens for a long time, and in the 51 Zone they are trying to cross with aliens.

Chase for information

One of the last attempts to get closer to the 51 Zone was made closer by the American video blogger, who leads the YouTube channel Adventures with Christian. He laid out a report on the trip to Tikabu Peak - the only place from which you can watch the secret base without breaking the law. He managed to videotape a combat helicopter circling around the 51 Zone, taking off an airplane and several large hangars.

Interest in UFOs is heating up from year to year: recently it became known about a secret briefing about unidentified flying objects, which were allegedly observed by the US Navy personnel. At some point, the most curious citizens realized that the green men from the Chikabu peak could not be seen. They decided to launch a massive raid on Area 51 and set up a Facebook meeting called "Storming Area 51, They Can't Stop Us All."

The assault plan and thousands of memes on this topic are posted on her page. Those wishing to take part are invited to gather near the military base on September 20, and then rush inside. It is emphasized that you need to run with your hands back, like the hero of the anime "Naruto". According to the organizers, this is the only way the participants of the assault will be able to “move faster than their bullets”.

One of the creators of the event, Jackson Barnes, felt it necessary to clarify that he did not want to storm a secret US Air Force facility by storm. “I'm not really going to implement this plan,” he wrote on Facebook. “I just thought it was going to be funny and that way I’ll make new friends on the internet.” Despite this, more than a million people expressed a desire to take part in the assault.

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The military could not stand aside. US Air Force spokeswoman Laura McAndrews said that any attempt to enter the secret facility would be thwarted. “Area 51 is an open training ground for the US Air Force, and we do not advise anyone trying to infiltrate where we train the US military,” she said.

Ufologist Nick Pope advises everyone who plans to storm Area 51 to think about the consequences: “I understand people's curiosity about Area 51 and state secrets about UFOs and I fully support the right of people to hold a legitimate peaceful protest, but nothing more. The assault on Area 51 would be disastrous. This is irresponsible, illegal and potentially dangerous. Trespassing on a military base is a federal crime: people risk imprisonment, fines and criminal records. Who knows what will happen if the situation gets out of hand? If a large crowd rushes towards the guard and some idiot tries to grab his weapon, he can open fire. It should be recalled that as recently as February, at a naval base in Texas, soldiers shot and killed a man who rammed a security barrier and rushed at the guards. ”

The reaction of the authorities only fueled the interest of users in the assault. The event's Facebook page is filled with hundreds of invasion-themed jokes and memes. There are fears that the authorities will deceive everyone again: “Guys, bad news,” writes one Jen Petrili in a discussion of the upcoming assault on Facebook. "The event is scheduled for September 20, which gives them plenty of time to transport the aliens from Area 51." The discussion went beyond one Internet platform - the alleged assault on the base is being seriously considered on Reddit: they count the number of soldiers guarding the base, and decide which gate is better to storm.

It is obvious that the assault, most likely, will not take place. However, among the million enrolled probably there will be those who September 20 will arrive in Nevada and try to implement at least part of the plan. We can only follow the developments ... or learn to run, like Naruto.

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