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Where are American pensioners offered to leave to live on $ 30 thousand per year

If you have broken your head over where to retire on a budget, it is quite possible that you should think about moving from the United States. The new report of International Living, publishing information about life abroad, calls the five best places on the planet, where it is worth retirement and live on 30 thousands of dollars a year.

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It is important to understand that retirement in another country may require a study of local tax laws, as well as a variety of logistical maneuvers. But for many Americans this work will be worth it if its result is the opportunity to spend the golden years of life in a new, ideally suitable place for this, writes USA Today.

According to the government, the average monthly pension in the US is 1 404 dollars, and more than 40% single pensioners, this amount is 90% income. Here are cities where life will be much easier.

1. Mafra, Portugal

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According to International Living, the couple can live comfortably in this city, located about 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Lisbon, for just 2,034 dollars per month. Here you will find beaches, parks, the opportunity to attend concerts and performances, as well as many cafes and bars to choose from.

2. Cuenca, Ecuador

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In the third largest city of Ecuador, couples can live quite well on just $ 1,680 per month, not counting travel. A condominium with three or two and a half bedrooms can cost as little as 700 dollars per month. Among the colonial architecture you will find here festivals, exquisite local dishes and breathtaking landscapes.

3. Central Valley, Costa Rica

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Couples can retire here, where two thirds of the country's population live in amounts ranging from 2000 to 2500 dollars per month. The area is surrounded by forests, mountains and farms. According to International Living, retired people are waiting for elegant residential complexes, excellent medical facilities, first-class shops, excellent restaurants and exciting natural wonders.

4. Pedasi, Panama

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Located a few hours from Panama City, Pedasi will cost 2000 dollars per month for couples. The fishing town is great for beach lovers and those who like a place with a leisurely pace of life. The city is surrounded by a cattle ranch and corn fields. Here you can buy a beer for a dollar or invite a housekeeper for 15.

5. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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The cost of living in Cambodia is among the lowest in the world, but according to International Living, “the standard of living is high, attracting many retirees and expats who want to make the country their home.” One retiree can live on just $1 a month. For a one-room apartment with a balcony in the city center you will pay $150 monthly.

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