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Movie autumn with Kartina.TV: interesting films for parents and free tariff for children

A good autumn is when, wrapped in a cozy blanket, you enjoy warm tea and quiet rain outside the window. A good movie is not enough for a perfect picture, but a Russian-speaking one will help you with this online cinema Kartina.TV. This resource has films for every taste, color and season, you can watch all the most interesting on Kartina.TV for only $ 18 per month, and children's paintings and cartoons - for free.

Photo: IStock

“Lullu and Briggs” (HD Movie Premiere)

Jackson Briggs is tasked with delivering service dog Lulla to California. A relaxing trip along the coast turns out not to be as easy as expected.

“Eve, give birth!” (video library START)

Free and independent Eva is tired of replacing another mother on maternity leave at work. It's time to become a mother yourself. It remains only to find the future dad.

Photo: Kartina.TV

"Container. New season” (video library START)

Oksana Akinshina, Philip Yankovsky and Maria Fomina in the continuation of the drama about the wrong side of surrogate motherhood.

“Drip” (PREMIER video library)

In his free time, the anesthesiologist Vanya earns extra money, secretly relieving show business stars from withdrawal symptoms.

“Cool Katya” (STS channel)

The mayor's daughter changes parties and nightclubs for teaching geography in an ordinary gymnasium. Making stories on Instagram is easier than teaching children, but what you won’t do for the sake of your father…

Photo: Kartina.TV

“The Baker and the Beauty” (Channel STS)

Accidentally meeting the famous model Sasha Larina, an ordinary baker Andrei discovers the mysterious world of social life.

“Raya and the Last Dragon” (Kinosemya HD channel)

Brave Raya and her faithful Tuk-Tuk have to go on a dangerous journey to find the last remaining dragon in the world. Only with its help can you defeat the monsters that turn a person into stone.

“Luka” (Kinosemya HD channel)

Luka is having a magical vacation - a small Italian town, warm summers, ice cream, a scooter and a new best friend who turns out to be not quite human.

Free child rate

You can watch even more cartoons, children's films and programs using the free children's tariff from Kartina.TV.

Children's tariff includes 12 children's TV channels, including Cartoon HD, CTC kids HD, Visiting a fairy tale, Ani, Multimusic, TiJi, Carousel, O! and others. From September 10, every weekend Kartina.TV adds channels and video libraries for the whole family to the children's tariff, and on these channels you can use the archive (air recording for 14 days). Video libraries ivi, PREMIER, START,, channels “Kinosemya”, Ren TV, STS, NTV, TNT, “Kinopremiera”, “Our New Cinema” - this is only part of the list that subscribers can watch on weekends using the free child rate.

To connect, just go to and enter your e-mail to register. You will receive a subscription and a password to this address, which will be valid for three months. To view, simply select any device: from smartphones, tablets and laptops to various models of Smart TVs and set-top boxes: Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV and Roku.

Connect Kartina.TV now, watch 7 days for free and use all functions:

  • access to exclusive content of popular online video libraries: START, ivi, PREMIER, Megogo,, LAVA and video libraries in Armenian and Ukrainian;
  • 200+ live and recorded channels (14 days archive);
  • the ability to view one subscription on three devices at the same time;
  • convenient Kartina.TV applications on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Smart TV, computer, laptop and smartphone.

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