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Thanksgiving Shopping: What Costco Can Buy

If you are preparing for a gala dinner, consider shopping in bulk so as not to go beyond budget. Writes about this Grow.

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According to the study, on average, Americans will spend $ 227 on non-gift items - food, jewelry, cards and flowers.

Regardless of whether you make friends for a cocktail party or have a traditional gala dinner, experts have given some tips on what you can buy at Costco.

1. Frozen snacks

“Wholesale stores like Costco, BJ's, and Sam's Club have a lot of great frozen snacks for all guests,” says Christine McGrath, shopping expert at Offers. “Try potato samosas, mini-spanakopitas, tartlets with spinach and an egg.”

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At Costco in Brooklyn, New York, a package of kitchen adventures spanakopit weighing 48 ounces (1,36 kg) will cost you 17,69 dollars or 37 cents per ounce. A package of Mini Samosas Sukhi weighing 35 ounces (0,99 kg) can be bought for just $ 17,79, or 51 cents per ounce.

Both frozen snacks are "compact enough to cook in a conventional oven," McGrath emphasizes. In addition, leftovers can be stored for lunch. And if you want your snacks to be top notch, add your signature sauces.

2. Salads

“Take the largest pack of chicken salad you can find,” McGrath advises. “During the party, you can add it to snack crackers, and then use the leftovers for sandwiches for several days after the party.”

Costco Chicken Salad Packaging in 40 ounces (1,13 kg) is priced at $ 12,19 for 10 servings.

3. Pies

While boutique bakeries may offer unique creations, according to McGrath, "almost nothing beats the price of one serving of a sheet of cake at Costco."

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The Costco bakery section offers portions of cheesecake, tiramisu and other desserts that are larger than average size, not to mention the giant packs of cookies. But the costco sheet pie is simply unrivaled.

At Costco in Brooklyn, NY, you can buy Kirkland branded vanilla pie for $ 22,69, with 48 servings.

You can even turn this simple cake into a holiday cake if you have the time and desire to decorate it.

4. Binge

“Costco has alcohol under the Kirkland brand, which is good and inexpensive compared to popular brands. Almost everything you need (tequila, vodka, rum) is available in Kirkland, ”McGrath said.

If you want to save on alcohol, make sure to make a large batch of signature cocktail the night before your party. You can buy a bottle of 1,75 liter Kirkland Scotch whiskey in Costco for $ 22,99 and whip a Cold Fashioned cocktail that combines the remaining cold coffee or cold drink with whiskey and traditional holiday spices like cinnamon.

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