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What kind of homes can you buy in the US for 150 thousand

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Real Estate Platform Trulia It proves that you can buy a house in a developing area without spending more than $ 150 thousand.

1. Cottage in North Charleston

Address: 5511 Garrett Ave, North Charleston, SC 29406
Price: $ 137 900

Located in historic North Charleston, the house has 2 bathrooms, an updated kitchen and a cozy backyard. Lodging is located in 5 minutes from the Sekle Park neighborhood, where all the shops and restaurants are located.


2. Phoenix Desert Style

Address: 2334 W Monroe St. Phoenix, AZ 85009
Price: $ 139 000

Despite the fact that the house is located in 20 minutes to the west of downtown Phoenix, the area is surprisingly affordable. The house has a large kitchen, fitted wardrobes, a large backyard and even a picturesque white fence.


3. House in North Charleston

Address: 2656 Ranger Dr. North Charleston, SC 29405
Price: $ 126 900

Although this 3-room ranch is located in North Charleston, you will need 12 minutes to get to the city center. The house has parquet floors, walk-in closets, a kitchen and a fenced backyard.


4. Racho in Grand Rapids

Address: 3418 Fuller Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508
Pricea: $ 149 000

Despite the fact that 193 lives in the city of thousands of inhabitants, it still has the price of a small friendly town. For example, this fireplace house is located on a quiet street in West Millbrook, 10 minutes from some of the popular areas of the city.


5. Tiny house in tampa

Address: 8304 Corral Ave Tampa, FL 33614
Price: $ 120 000

Tampa is a good place with dozens of quiet residential streets where you can find homes at reasonable prices. For example, this one-bedroom bungalow is located a few blocks from Lake Silver. The house is renovated and has a dressing room and even a courtyard with a pond.


6. Apartment in St. Petersburg

Address: 130 4th Ave N # 510, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Price: $ 134 900

Located in Florida, this charming Spanish-style 1 room apartment is just a few seconds from the noisy part of St. Petersburg. The building has high ceilings, hardwood floors, a roof terrace and a terracotta courtyard. The historic building was once the home of legendary baseball players Babe Ruth and Lou Geray.


7. Condo in phoenix

Address: 4750 N Central Ave # 3R, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Price: $ 129 000

Located just a few miles from downtown Phoenix, in the Alhambra area, this condo has a renovated kitchen and a balcony (overlooking the mountains). The building has a fitness center, swimming pool and 9-seat cinema.


8. Hotel on Dayton Beach

Address: 159 S Peninsula Dr., Daytona Beach, FL 32118
Price: $ 134 900

Built in 1923, this historic Dayton Beach hotel is a real gem for history lovers. The total area of ​​the house is 160 square meters. It is located a few minutes walk from the beach and the promenade, and will pleasantly surprise you with a mansard and stone fireplace.


9. Condo in a former furniture factory on the waterfront

Address: 940 Monroe Ave NW # 116 Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Price: $ 150 000

The living space is located within the walls of a furniture factory, which has been around for more than 100 years. The house is distinguished by brick walls, exposed wooden beams, and a heated pool on the roof.


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