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Ghost town: how the fight against coronavirus affected the life of New Yorkers

Have you ever seen half-empty Times Square in New York, and subway cars at rush hour with a lot of empty seats, and roads without cars? This is exactly the situation in the largest city in America today. The blame for this is the outbreak of the coronavirus and the restrictive measures that followed. The details are actively shared by the citizens themselves on social networks.

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What's going on in new york

After New York State's coronavirus infection rates were among the highest in America, state authorities introduced a number of restrictive measures. The latter entailed the closure of restaurants, theaters, schools and other institutions. This greatly influenced the life of New Yorkers.

On the subject: Bars, gyms, theaters and casinos shut down in New York to prevent the spread of COVID-19

On social networks, local residents are actively discussing the situation in the city. They share photos and videos that capture the deserted streets of the city and subway cars.

As one of the inhabitants of the Big Apple writes on his page in TwitterLeaving the office after work, he found that on the street no cars.

“I never saw New York so empty,” he wrote, confirming his words with an attached video.

Here's what the streets of New York look like today.

Another user Twitter posted on social network a photo of a half-empty wagon metro, while emphasizing that the picture was taken at rush hour. Commenting on this picture, another user of the social network wrote: “I bet that there were no 9/11 attacks so deserted ...”.

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