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Frontier Airlines Launches Annual Unlimited Flight Pass: You Can Buy It Today For Just $599

Frontier Airlines Announces New GoWild Program! – an annual subscription with an unlimited number of flights from May 2, 2023. Read more about the innovation told the publication USA Today.

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“If you fly at least once a month, this offer can be very beneficial for you,” said Frontier CEO Barry Biffle.

Until November 17, a limited number of season tickets will be available for $599. It usually costs $1999 per year and auto-renews. Passengers can cancel their subscription at any time

How Frontier's GoWild works!

Passengers can book tickets to any US destination, including Puerto Rico, up to XNUMX hours prior to departure. However, most major holidays and long weekends cannot be booked.

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“It's actually more generous than what we offer our employees,” Biffle said, because employees usually have to wait until the last minute to find out if there will be a seat on a flight.

For each flight, season ticket holders will pay $0,01 in airfare plus taxes and fees, according to the airline. The pass does not cover additional costs such as seat selection or baggage fees.

Seats are not guaranteed on any flights, and travel booked with a pass does not earn miles or frequent flyer VIP status.

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GoWild Passes are non-transferrable - only the owner of the pass can travel on tickets booked using the pass.

You can buy a subscription at link.

Who Should Buy GoWild!

“We are seeing an explosion in demand for travel. It is driven by higher incomes and a greater choice of flights, as well as the availability of free time, Biffle explained. “The work-from-home phenomenon has spawned the work-from-anywhere phenomenon.”

He emphasized that the pass is not suitable for everyone, but it is a great option for those traveling on short notice. This can be especially helpful for retirees whose families live all over the country.

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A simple life hack: how to find the cheapest plane tickets

In the U.S. aircraft ticket Frontier Airlines
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