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A simple life hack: how to find the cheapest plane tickets

Travel Arrow, an extension for Google Flights, is a hack for finding the cheapest flights. With it, you will see tickets for flights even from those airlines that prohibit third-party resources from displaying their fares. SFGate.

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If it were up to the airlines, online travel agencies like Google Flights, Kayak and Expedia would cease to exist.

These third-party travel sites allow customers to view multiple flight options at the same time, which is an advantage for travelers but hurts individual airlines who miss out on your data and online interaction.

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Some airlines, most notably Southwest, even prevent third-party websites and apps from displaying their fares. This explains why you never see a list of flights from the southwest in Google Flights.
In response to the tedious inconvenience, the young entrepreneur created a free Chrome extension that attempts to make it easier to buy airline tickets online.

“Southwest Airlines is the second largest airline in the US, but it doesn't display fares in Google Flights. I did Travel Arrowto automatically convert your Google Flight searches to Southwest so you can compare offers,” avetisyan818 wrote on Reddit earlier this week.

The Travel Arrow is a popup that updates your Google Flight search to immediately include results from Kayak, Skyscanner, and Southwest Airlines.

Jaideep Patil describes himself as the co-founder of Travel Arrow and notes that the browser extension has been installed over 30 times in the past couple of months. Travel Arrow has told Google that it will not collect or use your data.

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But, according to some, this feature is short-lived.

“FYI, Southwest is pretty strict about this. I had a friend who got approval from Southwest for a very similar project. There's a reason you literally can't get Southwest flight information anywhere other than their website,” Reddit user sophonaroap commented.

Until Patil receives a no-flight tracking letter, our online flight purchases remain open and competitive.

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