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The federal government is not a decree: in which states you can walk without a mask

The US began a gradual economic recovery. During the year, we are all accustomed to wearing masks, maintaining social distance and not leaving the house unnecessarily. But there are already a few states where you don't have to wear a face mask. What are these states, the publication said Aarp.

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Cities with no mask mandate.


The Alaska Department of Health and Human Services "strongly recommends wearing masks in public," but does not require it. Anchorage, Alaska's largest city, and the capital Juneau are among the cities with local mask mandates.


Masks are obligatory for employees and clients of hairdressers and beauticians. They are recommended in other circumstances. Several cities and counties have indoor mask wearing decrees, including Maricopa and Pima counties.


Florida recommends but does not require the wearing of masks. Several cities and major counties, including Miami Dade, Palm Beach and Hillsboro, have requirements to wear masks, but local governments are prohibited from fining residents for noncompliance under a Sept. 25 decree issued by Governor Ron DeSantis.

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People are “strongly encouraged to wear face masks as much as possible” outside the home. Gov. Brian Kemp revised his health protection ordinance on Aug. 15 to allow local governments to impose limited requirements at their own discretion. Cities and counties with 100 or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 per 100 people can enforce mask requirements in public places.


Idaho's capital and largest city, Boise, requires masks to be worn in public, as do several other cities. The state's Stay Healthy Guidelines, updated June 13, advise employers to "determine how personal items such as masks and gloves may be required by employees, suppliers and visitors."


Governor Kim Reynolds canceled the mandate to use masks on February 7 with a new emergency decree overturning face closure and social distancing rules in favor of encouraging "reasonable public health measures" to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in public places and in private gatherings.

It replaced a directive in mid-November that Iowa residents ages 2 and older must wear masks when in enclosed public areas and within 6 feet (1,8 m) of people from other homes in for 15 minutes or more. Local government mandates remain in place in several cities, including Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.


Governor Tate Reeves lifted the mask requirement in Mississippi on September 30, about two months after it was introduced. He subsequently issued a new decree mandating the use of masks in public spaces in counties with a high incidence of COVID-19. This directive, which eventually extended to most of the state, expired on March 3.


The State Department of Health recommends wearing a face mask in public. Gov. Mike Parson said he did not intend to introduce a mandatory requirement at the state level. Several cities and counties have introduced mask mandates, including Kansas City and St. Louis.

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Governor Greg Gianforte canceled the state's mandate to wear masks on February 12. In July, Steve Bullock advised Montana residents aged 5 and over to wear masks in indoor public places and to outdoor gatherings where social distancing cannot be sustained.

Gianforte linked the withdrawal of the mandate to the promotion of Montana's vaccination program and the passage of state law protecting businesses and healthcare providers from lawsuits from employees and customers infected with the coronavirus. Several counties, including Gallatin, Missoula and Lewis and Clark, support local mask mandates.


Masks are essential for both clients and staff of hairdressers, salons and other personal care businesses. They are recommended for restaurant employees and the general public in public places. Lincoln and Omaha enacted broader local ordinances requiring the wearing of masks in most indoor public places. Other cities and towns have enacted local mask-wearing orders, but Gov. Pete Ricketts questioned whether they had the authority to enforce them under state law.

North Dakota

On November 14, Governor Doug Burgum imposed a mask requirement in the state amid a skyrocketing number of COVID-19 cases. After the mandate was renewed in December, it expired on 18 January. Most major cities in North Dakota, including Fargo, Bismarck and Minot, have local masking orders.


Gov. Kevin Stitt, who recovered from the July COVID-19 surge, urged Oklahoma residents to wear masks in public, but rejected calls for a mandate. Several cities, including Tulsa, require masks.

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Южная Каролина

Many counties and cities, including Charleston and Columbia, have mandates to use masks. Governor Henry McMaster encourages the wearing of masks without making it mandatory at the state level. Local authorities advise employees of enterprises to wear masks, "especially in an environment where social distancing is impossible."

South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Health recommends "wearing cloth face wraps in public places where it is difficult to maintain other social distancing measures, especially in areas of significant transmission."


Governor Bill Lee's April 28 ruling urges people to "wear face masks in public." Jurisdictions covering about 70% of the state's population have enacted local mask mandates, including the counties that include Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.

The rest of the US states are required to wear masks, refusal is punishable by law.

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