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Ten most beautiful places in America

America is full of amazing and breathtaking places. Perhaps, in order to describe them all, you need a whole series of articles and a small detachment of journalists. Ice caves and tropical islands, fantastic geysers and majestic canyons, endless fields of tulips and the lights of the night metropolis.

Of all the exciting places, we ventured to choose the most beautiful 10.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is one of the oldest parks in the country. The Grand Canyon was formed by the Colorado River, eroding the eponymous plateau for almost 10 million years. It is still growing due to ongoing erosion. The canyon is incredibly large (446 km in length, 29 km in width and 1800 meters in depth), so the climate varies in different parts of the city: the lower level is close to the desert climate of Arizona with dry and hot summer, and its upper wooded part in winter is even covered with snow . It is best to admire the surrounding enchanting scenery with the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a transparent observation platform hanging over the precipice.

Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are an American state located at a distance of 3700 km from the mainland. The archipelago has a volcanic origin (there is even a volcano park). Islands differ in size and landscape. The stunning nature of the tropical jungle, the amazing underwater world, the welcoming locals and the ocean where you can swim all year round attract crowds of tourists - about 90% of Hawaii’s gross product falls on tourism and services.

Geyser Fly in Nevada

Despite its name, the Fly Geyser is a valid thermal source. His education was not without human participation: in 1916, a well was drilled in these places, but a geothermal pocket was accidentally punched, and after almost 50 years, boiling water began to penetrate to the surface. The walls of the geyser still continue to grow and change (according to the latest data, its height was about 1,5 meters). Minerals, algae and cyanobacteria give it an unusual color. The geyser is still owned by the ranch owners, so tourists need to ask for permission to visit them.

Mendenhall Glacier Caves, Alaska

The Mendenhall Glacier is not the largest in Alaska (only 12 km), but it is quite easy to get to it, it is only 20 km from the state capital, Juneau. Caves began to form there not long ago, in 2012. Global warming causes the glacier to slowly melt, making springs in the caves, and their appearance is constantly changing.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge hangs over the strait of the same name, connecting San Francisco and southern Marin County. For several decades, the bridge retained the title of the largest suspension bridge in the world. Its total length is 2737 meters, and the height of the supports is 227 meters above the water. This giant weighs 894,5 thousand tons. The bridge is considered one of the most recognizable in the world - it flashed in films, TV series, computer games and even on company emblems.

Nightlife New York, NY

New York is an incredibly large, noisy and always hurrying city. The Statue of Liberty and the giant skyscrapers of Manhattan, Fifth Avenue and Broadway theaters, Central Park and Times Square - how many times have you seen them on TV screens? Despite the fact that more than eight million people live in New York, the number of tourists per year reaches almost 50 million and it’s impossible to be left alone, we are convinced that the city is full of night lights.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

The park area is 145 square. km Its main attraction is a giant natural amphitheater. Its unique geological structures Hoodoo were formed as a result of erosion of sedimentary rocks under the influence of wind, water and ice. Amazing shapes are complemented by a play of colors - from pale pastel to orange and red hues. Sunrises and sunsets are especially beautiful here.

Vanonta Gorge, Oregon

Vanonta Gorge is part of the Columbia River. The high walls of ancient basalt are covered with many ferns, mosses and lichens. A huge number of unique water and forest plants grow in the gorge, thanks to which the area is protected by the US Forest Service. On its territory there are also four wonderful waterfalls.

Skagit Valley, WA

Skagit Valley sprawls in the north of the United States, near the Canadian border, between the Pacific Coast and the Cascade Mountains. In the middle of the last century, two nuclear power plants were going to be built there, but instead, fortunately, they began to grow flowers. In 1984, the first tulip festival was held in the valley. Since that time, it takes place here every year from 1 to 30 in April and is one of the most visited in the state. Now in this area are also grown daffodils and irises.

US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean that were once bought by the United States from Denmark. The largest islands are St. Thomas, St. John and Santa Cruz. This is a paradise with azure beaches, subtropical forests, picturesque bays and secluded coves. The islands are not very densely populated, some can only be reached by sea. It often attracts celebrities and just lovers of secluded relaxation. Another bonus will be the duty-free trade allowed on the islands.

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