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Ten Little-Known Ways to Save at Costco

Costco is one of the most popular US retailers with over 80 million members who are willing to pay $ 55 to $ 110 a year to shop at the club. The network claims to offer its members the lowest prices, but besides this, there are 10 other little-known ways to save money on purchases at the club.

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Their list was published edition aol.

1. Pay attention to prices

Keep an eye on the prices at the Costco club. In addition to the regularly appearing prices ending in 99 cents, there are also prices ending in 97 cents, which is more favorable for bulk purchases. Prices that end at 9 cents below 99 cents, such as 59, 69, 79 cents, may indicate a special offer from the manufacturer and are more advantageous than retail prices for the same item on other chains.

2. Take advantage of price adjustments

Costco has an unspoken pricing policy, according to which members can get a refund for the difference in price if it declined within two weeks of their purchase. Therefore, keep the checks, especially if you buy seasonal goods before the collapse in prices for them.

In addition, Costco has a liberal policy of returning goods, so that you can easily return the purchased product at the old price and re-acquire it at a corrected cost.

3. Shop without club membership

You do not have to pay a membership fee to shop at Costco with discounts. You just have to have a friend who is a member of the Costco club and is ready to receive a special Costco card for you.

Non-members can use these cards to make purchases at Costco, they can even exceed the amount deposited on this card by paying the difference in cash.

4. Use any credit card on

Previously, Costco accepted only American Express cards for payment, but since April 2016, the network has started cooperation with Visa to pay for goods.

You also do not have to worry about which cards you use when you buy from, because it accepts all cards. Thus, you can get bonuses for non-cash payments, which are offered by most US banks.

5. Get inexpensive alcohol without club membership

Costco allows non-club members to buy inexpensive alcohol, especially wine.

You can also buy cheap prescription drugs at a Costco pharmacy, even if you are not a member and live in a state that prohibits pharmacies from requiring a buyer to become a member of any club.

6. Look at the sale of returned goods

Costco allocates several shelves in stores for goods that were returned, but could still be sold, instead of returning them to the supplier or destroying them. Naturally, such products are sold with significant discounts. As a rule, these shelves are located near automotive goods, departments of household or sporting goods.

7. Ordering flowers through Costco suppliers

If you are planning a wedding or other event that requires a lot of flowers, you can get a good discount on wholesale purchases of flowers at Costco. And if you buy flowers through the supplier Costco, you can get very competitive prices.

8. Use the free body diagnostics

Costco stores have health centers where members can get free diagnostics for diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and lung disease. On its website, in the “Health and Wellness” section, the network publishes a schedule - when, where and what type of diagnostics will take place.

9. Pay attention to travel deals

Costco Club members can get special deals on cruises, car rentals and package trips.

10. Get Cash Back for membership

Club members buying Gold Star Executive membership for 120 dollars, they get 2% of the money spent on purchases annually.

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