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Ten Epic Adventures to Experience in Northern California

Northern California is full of exciting activities - it's almost impossible to get bored here. Beautiful state parks, unusual natural attractions, breathtaking trips and more make life in this region full of adventure.

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Edition Only in Your State compiled a list of must-see locations in Northern California.

1. Moaning Caverns Adventure Park (Murphy)

There is no better way to feel like a real adventurer than to visit the Moaning Caverns Adventure Park in Calaveras County. It is located in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada, so you get the best view of the surroundings. The park offers dozens of family adventures of different difficulty levels.

2. Lake Shasta Caves (Lakehead)

This is one of the newest attractions in California, receiving protected status in 2012, but these amazing caves have been around for millions of years. Lake Shasta is a popular holiday destination in spring and summer, but few people know how to get to these stunning caves. Made entirely of limestone, these formations look like they are from another world.

3. Safari West (Santa Rosa)

Few people know about the opportunity to go on a real African safari without leaving California. Safari West in Santa Rosa makes guests feel like they're in Africa. During a tour of the 100-acre park, you can see all kinds of wildlife, including giraffes, wildebeests and rhinos. This is truly an adventure you will never forget.

4. Park Castle Crags (Castell)

Northern California is full of unusual geological wonders, but few of them are so stunning as Castle Crags. The stunning granite formations in the park are the result of geological movement for millions of years. This is a magnificent sight that is worth seeing in person.

5. Sierra Hot Springs (Sierraville)

There is nothing more relaxing than breathing in the air near a natural hot spring. Sierra Hot Springs is one of the most stunning springs in California. The secluded location among the forests makes it the perfect place to get away from the noise and stress of the city.

6. California's Western Railway (Fort Bragg)

The California Western Railroad (also known as the Skunk Train) runs from Fort Bragg to Wheelits. You will be amazed by the views that open from the train going through the picturesque mountain landscapes.

7. Park Calaveras Big Three (Arnold)

In Calaveras Big Tree State Park there are two groves of giant sequoias, which are the unofficial symbol of Northern California. Since its founding in 1852, the park has maintained its status as one of the most popular tourist destinations in California. The park is full of giant beautiful trees of all shapes and sizes, and the routes in it are designed in such a way that visitors can see the most interesting things.

8. Little Backbone Creek (Lake Shasta)

This is another epic adventure at the stunning Lake Shasta. To get to Little Backbone Creek, you need to make a little hike, but it's worth it. The stream is just idyllic. Hiding in a secluded corner of the wild, you will feel that you are in a real paradise. The blue-green waters of the stream among the red rocks are a sight worth seeing with your own eyes.

9. Black sand beach (Eureka)

Black Sands Beach is an incredible piece of coastline in Kings Range National Wildlife Refuge. The beach is located behind a line of red trees, so it is difficult to see it from afar. The beach really boasts an almost black sand that creates a magical atmosphere along the breathtaking coastline.

10. Lassen (Redding) Volcanic Park

Located at the foot of Mount Cascade, the park attracts with its immensely impressive views. No matter what time of year it is, this place is a treasure that sparkles with stunning colors in any of the 12 months.

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