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Four working days a week: 11 companies that have introduced such a schedule and are recruiting employees

The four-day work week is gaining popularity. Here are 11 companies that have switched to this schedule and are looking for new employees. CNBC.

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Several recent studies, including one involving almost 3000 workers in the UK, have shown that when companies switched to a four-day work week, workers' productivity, health, relationships and even finances improved. California Representative Mark Takano recently reintroduced the 32-Hour Workweek Act to Congress, which would change the definition of the workweek from the current 40 hours, if passed.

“While the concept of a four-day work week is not new, it's undeniable that there's a lot of demand and interest in this model,” says Doug Ebertowski, career expert at FlexJobs. The idea is gaining momentum, he says, and "this, combined with the fact that employers have become much more creative in their approach to attracting great workers, could mean we could see the four-day work week stick around for a long time."

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Whatever the future may be, when this trend becomes the norm, some companies are implementing it into their schedule right now. FlexJobs, which focuses on remote and flexible jobs, has identified a number of companies that have switched or plan to switch to shorter workweeks. And they hire employees.


Headquarters: Haifa, Israel.
Augury is a software company that helps detect machine faults using ultrasonic sensors.

Open vacancies: corporate client manager, regional controller, service manager.

Bolt Financial

Headquarters: San Francisco, California.

Bolt Financial offers customers such as e-commerce merchants a payment platform for their online stores.

Open vacancies: Chief Software Engineer, Senior Machine Learning Engineer.


Headquarters: Washington DC

DNSFilter helps IT professionals filter insecure web content and protect against digital threats.

Open vacancies: General Counsel, Senior Digital Marketing Manager.

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Do Big Things

Headquarters: Mill Valley, California.

Do Big Things is a creative digital agency that offers services such as website design and spokesperson training.

Open vacancies: CFO, Senior Account Manager.


Headquarters: completely removed.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform whose projects span both movies and board games.

Open vacancies: Senior Social Media Manager, Film Director, Senior Designer.

Merit America

Headquarters: Washington DC

Merit America is a non-profit organization that creates technology career opportunities through technical training.

Open vacancies: Director of Individual Donations, Income Specialist.

New Leaders

Headquarters: New York, New York.

New Leaders provides equity training for teachers, principals, and other educators.

Open vacancies: Deputy Director for Development.


Headquarters: Newark, New Jersey.

Panasonic is a global technology company offering products that serve the energy, manufacturing and retail industries, among others.

Open vacancies: Public Security Account Manager, Account Specialist, Field Technician.

Poll Everywhere

Headquarters: San Francisco, California.

Poll Everywhere creates online polls, surveys, quizzes and more on behalf of its customers.

Open vacancies: technical manager, facility reliability engineer.


Headquarters: Denver, Colorado.

SambaSafety sells software that keeps customers and their communities safe.

Open vacancies: Onboarding Specialist, Senior Data Analyst, Salesforce Administrator.


Headquarters: Auckland, CA

thredUP is a consignment online store.

Open vacancies: financial data analyst, chief of staff, clothing warehouse employee.

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As for the trends on the list, "it's mostly nonprofits and tech companies," says Yolanda Owens, career expert at The Muse. With the exception of Panasonic, these are also small companies, "mostly under 1000 employees".

“I think it will be a little more difficult for larger organizations to do this just because of the scope and scale,” she says. According to her, the logistics of an organization with such a schedule for people with different positions can be difficult.

"I don't think you're going to see Amazon take this anytime soon," she added.

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