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Why Los Angeles attracts the homeless: how they live there

Los Angeles is very attractive for homeless people from all over America. Here they feel at ease: the mild marine climate, the almost complete absence of frost and a fairly tolerant society. What else does a free person need without a roof over his head? The channel author talks about his observations "My country house" on "Yandex.Zen".

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In America, homeless people are called homeless, that is, "homeless." This is not quite a correct name, because there are not so many tramps who really do not have their own corner. Rarely do you see some ragamuffin wrapped in a blanket and sleeping peacefully right on the sidewalk of a busy avenue. Most often, homeless people seek to acquire some belongings, find a quiet place and settle there.

The favorite places of the homeless are city parks, niches of buildings, green roadsides and highways.

Those who are "poorer" carry their belongings in a trolley and sleep in the open air. The more "prosperous" - they put up tents or build shelters from waterproof materials such as tarps.

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Sometimes you can find small settlements, where in a row there are several tents or makeshift "houses" shelters.

In general, American homeless people are distinguished by some special homeliness. Perhaps this is due to the fact that among them there are many women. And they are so arranged that they need a hearth for a full life. They clearly collected everything necessary for life.

Tents and shelters protect from the scorching sun in the summer and the piercing wind in the winter. Some even manage to raise children in such conditions. Well, nomads of children in yurts are raising, and nothing!

Homeless people most often earn money for life by collecting bottles and alms right on the street or at the intersections next to freeways. Many churches give out free food and clothing.

This is especially practiced in the business center of the city, so there are an incredible number of homeless people there.

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To be honest, the vagabond lifestyle is more of a conscious choice than a necessity. It is unprofitable for the state when people live on the street and spoil their appearance. There are many assistance programs available, from shelters and free meals to assistance with getting a job and buying a home. Someone uses it, someone does not.

It is good when a person has a family, relatives, because they do not allow a person to slide down. It is much easier for a single person to break away from society. What do you think?

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In the U.S. homeless personal experience

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