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More than 100 coronavirus infected in New York: Russian-speaking immigrant spoke about quarantined life

A New Yorker who moved here from Novosibirsk told how the coronavirus epidemic began in the United States. She urged compatriots to adhere to quarantine in order to avoid the "American tragedy." Writes about it "Taiga.Info".

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Film director and screenwriter Daria Khritankova moved to New York from Novosibirsk in 2012. She talked about when the epidemic began in the United States and how quickly everything happened.

Chronology of the Apocalypse

According to the Siberian woman, quarantine in New York was introduced around mid-March. “It all started very smoothly and calmly, until one day we found ourselves in the epicenter of the apocalypse,” she said.

The first woman to get sick in early March was a woman who came from Iran. In the subway, precautionary measures were announced, in stores all sanitizers and masks were quickly sold out.

There was no talk of quarantine then. But the situation quickly changed: in two weeks the number of cases exceeded three hundred. “But for a multi-million city it seemed like nothing,” added Daria.

On March 13, classes were canceled in schools, and universities were obliged to suspend studies until March 19 - during this time, teachers had to redo the online learning plans. “Now distance classes have been extended until the end of the semester, while many universities have supplied laptops and tablets to all students who did not have them,” said a resident of the metropolis.

On March 15, a state of emergency was introduced in the state of New York: Governor Andrew Cuomo banned restaurants and cafes from accepting visitors, and limited the number of participants in mass events to 50 people. Broadway theaters, the Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall were also closed, and museums stopped receiving visitors even earlier.

Gradually, quarantine measures became tougher. The authorities have closed fitness centers, nightclubs and all non-vital businesses. “In fact, only shops, pharmacies and banks are working now,” said Daria.

What works

Today in New York, only grocery stores and pharmacies are open. Inside let a certain number of people. The rest line up at a safe distance from each other. The store employees control this.

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Restaurants and cafes accept orders for delivery or take out; receiving customers, of course, is prohibited, said a resident of the city.

At the same time, prices for food did not rise, in contrast to prices for masks and antiseptics. "The authorities began to closely monitor this even before the introduction of quarantine," she said.

How quarantine is respected

Most people, Khritankova said, work from home. “Only the so-called“ essential workers ”go to work - people whose work is necessary to ensure the life of the city (post office, doctors, people from the housing sector),” she explained.

Tourist areas and places with a large concentration of office buildings are very empty.

Some streets in Manhattan even restricted traffic. But people go out with dogs for a walk calmly.

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