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Airlines are already testing health passports for tourists: how it works

The so-called health passports around the world are now seen as a salvation for the tourism industry. Most likely, they will become an indispensable part of the journey even after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

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Aviation portal Simple Flying tells how health passports will work.

What are health passports and what they are

Due to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, several airlines have already begun testing health passports.

For example, British Airways and American Airlines use the Verifly app. The International Air Transport Association is promoting its own air travel - IATA Travel Pass.

Essentially, both are a digital document for air travelers that connects travel to the requirements of healthcare systems. Simply put, they allow you to confirm a negative PCR test for coronavirus or the fact of vaccination when the tourist gets to his destination.

How health passports will work

The purpose of all health passports is to ensure safe air travel for the tourist.

For example, the IATA Travel Pass includes modules with test data registers, and also allows passengers and laboratories to securely send test data and vaccination certificates to the airlines or government of the country the passenger is traveling to.

It works like a mobile app that the airline can embed in their own apps. It generates a digital identifier and transmits test results or vaccination information to the user's phone, and also shows whether the passenger has enough results for the trip and whether they meet the requirements of the country to which the person is traveling.

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Are these passports confidential

Many travelers are interested in the question of how safe health passports are in terms of data protection.

The developers of IATA Travel Pass have promised not to use a centralized database and will allow users to independently control and transfer their data.

How many airlines are already using health passports

British Airways and American Airlines have launched their VeriFly app. The IATA Travel Pass system is expected to be tested by about 20 airlines over the next few months. Among them are Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, Copa Airlines.

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Do I need to pay for health passports

Most likely, there will be a fee, but it is not yet known how much the passport will cost.

Alan Merry-Hayden, one of the IATA executives, notes that it is not about tens of dollars:

“There are huge costs associated with launching health passports. However, these costs are paltry when compared to the benefits for both travelers and airlines. I think it will be about some additional cents, and this will not be a problem. "

Alan Merry-Hayden is also confident that the coronavirus pandemic has become a challenge for the development of new biometric technologies. And if health passports are successfully tested, then in the future all travel will become contactless.

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