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12 countries of the world whose citizenship can be bought

Many people are interested in the possibility of obtaining a new (or another) citizenship, while not everyone can and wants to use such methods of legalization as marriage, business or long-term residence in the country. Forbes has compiled a list of 12 states whose citizenship can be bought by investing in the economy.

Portugal. Photo: Shutterstock

Some countries, such as Barbados or Estonia, lure remote workers with the promise of extended residency programs that allow you to live and work there for a specified period of time. But when it comes to obtaining a valid passport, it is usually more difficult than you expect: often, citizenship requires residing in the country for about 5 years.

For example, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and their children recently received honorary Greek citizenship for their role in raising awareness of the July 2018 fire near Athens. If they followed the usual route to Greek citizenship, they would have to invest several hundred thousand dollars in real estate and live in the country for 7 years. Many countries also require you to renounce your current citizenship.

But there are countries around the world, from Portugal to New Zealand, that welcome investment, residency and second passports. And thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, several Caribbean islands are making it even easier (and cheaper) to get a second passport.

If the idea of ​​moving abroad is close to you, here are some of the best places you can buy citizenship.

Caribbean countries

Saint Kitts and Nevis

This pair of islands has one of the strongest passports in the Caribbean, which includes visa-free travel to over 100 countries, including Italy and the United Kingdom. Saint Kitts and Nevis is currently offering a 23% discount on citizenship until the end of 2020. With a $ 150 contribution to the country's Sustainable Growth Fund and a minimum real estate investment of $ 000, a family of four can obtain a passport. The fee is usually $ 200 (before discount).

St. Lucia

The Island of Saint Lucia began offering residence permits to foreigners in 2015 and, according to Nestor Alfred, CEO of the Citizenship by Investment Program in Saint Lucia, about 700 people have received passports since then. In May 2020, the cost of obtaining citizenship was cut in half thanks to the new bonds "Covid-19 Relief": by the end of 2020, it will cost $ 250 for one person and $ 000 for a family of four. With a Saint Lucia passport, you can get visa-free or visa-free access to 300 world destinations.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda have lowered the $ 100 contribution to the country's development fund, as well as real estate investments will provide passports for a family of four, and the government has recently cut prices for the possibility of immigration for large families. This passport will give you visa-free access to 000 destinations.

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The tiny Caribbean island of Dominica also welcomes foreigners to its beautiful shores and is considered one of the best countries to obtain citizenship by investment as citizenship extends to your spouse, dependent children, parents or grandparents and can also be passed on to future generations. Applicants must either contribute to the Economic Diversification Fund or invest in luxury and sustainable hotels and resorts.


With a Grenada passport, you can get visa-free access to many countries, including China. There are two different ways to obtain citizenship, including a $ 150 contribution to the country's National Transformation Fund through the Citizenship by Investment in Grenada program or by purchasing approved real estate with a minimum value of $ 000.



Portugal has become a hot spot for people looking to relocate abroad. To obtain a Portuguese passport, you need to participate in the Golden Visa program, which has several ways to qualify, including making a donation to Portuguese art and culture, investing in a business, starting a business, or buying real estate. Fun fact: To become a citizen, you need to pass the Portuguese history test.


With a $ 250 investment in real estate, you can buy your way to the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program, which provides a Turkish passport. This document will give you citizenship in this gorgeous Mediterranean country, as well as visa-free or visa-free access to 000 destinations around the world.


The Malta Individual Investor Program is one of the most popular citizenship schemes. To obtain Maltese citizenship, you will need approximately $ 1,1 million in a combination of donations and real estate ownership. In return, you have the right to live and work in Malta or throughout the EU. You will also get visa-free access to 183 locations around the world.


The investment program in Cyprus is not cheap: you need to spend about $ 2,5 million in donations and real estate investments, but in exchange you can travel without a visa to 174 destinations around the world.


Austria has one of the strongest passports in the world, giving its holders visa-free access to 187 destinations around the world, as well as the right to reside in all EU member states. But it's not cheap: you need to make a minimum investment of around $ 3,5 million.

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Other countries

New Zealand

The country has made headlines with wealthy expatriates like Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, who has bought his way to citizenship. But it's not cheap. There are different ways to obtain citizenship in New Zealand by investment, starting with an investment of at least $ 2 million over a four-year period.


Who wouldn't love to live in the South Pacific? The Vanuatu Archipelago, east of Australia, has a Development Assistance Program that requires a donation of $ 180 to the islands for a family of four. In return, you will receive a passport that will ensure visa-free travel in 000 countries, as well as the opportunity to call this paradise island your new home.

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