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21 an easy way to make money without working

Extra money without labor costs is a great opportunity to pay bills or pay off a student loan. Edition Go Banking Rates 21 described an easy way to make money.

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Design a T-shirt

Sites like Redbubble, Teeepublic и Amazon, allow you to earn money by creating design t-shirts. Business coach Stacy Caprio has developed several hundred t-shirt designs and uploaded them to Amazon. For more than a year she has not logged into her account. Initially, Stacy earned thousands of dollars every month, but now she still earns about a hundred every month without doing anything.

Be a jury

Jury fees are notoriously low. But Edith Mutoni, editor-in-chief of, makes extra money, participating as a jury member in show trials and online focus groups. She recommends the Jury Talk and Jury Test websites. " Jury talk pays an average of 30 dollars per session, while Jury test “From 20 to 50 dollars, depending on the nature of the cases under consideration and time,” Mutoni said.

Find Forgotten Money

Tom Nathaniel of is a fan of the missing money websites. “A few years ago I found out that I have unaccounted for money. It was my old deposit for an apartment in 500 dollars, which I forgot about. To find money, you need to bookmark only two databases - и Both at 100% are free and even recommended by the government, ”said Nathaniel.

Walking dogs

In 2017, Americans contained almost 90 million dogs. Igor Mitich, co-founder of, decided to use a dog walking app called Wag for personal pleasure and as extra income. It's pretty easy to make a couple of hundred dollars a week without much stress.

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Sell ​​your old clothes at Mercari

Make money on a good cabinet cleaning. “I started selling clothes that I hadn’t worn for months, and earned 280 dollars in a month. For this I used the application Mercari. That's because they simplify delivery, and they only have 10% commission, ”said an experienced blogger.

Garage sale

Garage sales are a proven and sure way to earn extra money. “Usually we earn from 500 to 900 dollars by selling things we don’t use,” Lauren Mochizuki said.

Sign up for Rakuten

Registration on Rakutenformerly known as Ebates. For each purchase you make, in any case, a commission will be transferred to you.

Make Money With Credit Cards

If you use credit responsibly, Chhavi Agarwal, personal finance blogger at Mrs. Daaku Studio, advises to receive credit cards that accumulate a reward. Many bonus cards, such as Chase Freedom Unlimited, do not have an annual fee.

Look for a credit card registration bonus

Nathan Grant, a credit analyst at Credit Card Insider, said the sign-up bonus is beneficial to everyone. “All you have to do is spend a certain amount on purchases with a new card for a certain period of time and get a refund, which often varies from 20% to 50%, depending on the card,” he said.

Use the Swagbucks App

Earn money when you have a few free minutes with free apps like Swagbucks have some great offers. “I conduct several surveys, watch videos and participate in surveys,” Agarva explained.

“In addition, I advertise Swagbucks on my blog, and many have used my registration link. This means that I not only get a referral bonus, but also 10% of their earnings on the platform throughout my life, ”she added.

Rent a driveway as a parking spot

If you live near a train station, airport, entertainment center or other place where parking is paid, you can get very little extra income by renting a driveway for people who are looking for a convenient parking space. If you don’t have a car or if you have free access to a driveway, this is a fantastic way to make money. There are many sites where you can register for free and register your parking space, including Park pnp, Just Park и Curb flip.

Refunds with

If you shop online from major retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's and Raise, Sandy Yong, the app Provides return from 2% to 50%.

Provide services on Fiverr

Fiverr allows you to sell services for 5 or more dollars, and Patrick Dhital, co-founder Honey skinregularly earns money on this.

Turn off power temporarily with OhmConnect

If you are ready to turn off the power during peak load, Ohmconnect pays you for every hour. They collaborate with electricity companies and motivate users to use less electricity during peak hours. Last summer, they had several promotions, and they could get about 5 dollars per hour. In winter, this service additionally costs from 2 to 4 dollars per hour. You can even earn money when you are not at home.

Resell Items From Craigslist

You may have sold unnecessary items on Craigslist for extra money, but Beverly Friedmann of adds a twist. “I am looking for a free distribution of goods. Having found expensive goods that people handed out just like that, from mattresses to bed frames and air conditioners, I was able to resell these things. At the same time, I made quite a big profit, ”recalls Beverly.

Become a mystery shopper

Secret purchases are a great way to earn money while enjoying privileges, such as reimbursing food expenses, small purchases, changing oil, etc. This fun additional hobby is great for those who want to earn extra money by doing what they do in anyway.

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Get money to open a bank account

“Probably the easiest way to get free money is to get bonuses for registering a bank account in the range of 100 to 600 dollars,” Logan Allek from Money Done Right told CPA.

Invite your friends to the applications and services that you use

Tana Williams from Debt Free Forties said: “My favorite way to make money is to offer referral codes for the applications and services that I use. Friends and relatives often consult with me about what I use. I offer them my referral code if they are interested. From my Capital One savings account to shopping apps like Ibotta. Many companies offer referral bonuses. "

Find old insurance income

“One of the quick ways to determine if you owe a debt from a life insurance company is to check the Internet at National Association of Insurance Commissioners life policy locator“- said Matt Schmidt, an advisor to Burial Insurance Pro.

Get Free Life Insurance from Avibra

According to Avibra CEO Yogesh Shetti, Avibra app encourages good habits through free life insurance.

Monetize videos from your phone

“The media is hungry for new, engaging video content,” said Peter Koch of Dollar Insanity.

Do you have some cute pet videos on your phone? You can easily turn them into money through video licensing agencies such as Newsflare.

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