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20 car purchase secrets known only to dealers

Buying a new or used car always takes a lot of time, nerves and money.

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To simplify this process, edition Time gathered 20 car acquisition secrets used by dealers.

1. Pay cash

If you buy a used car from a private seller, then payment in cash will allow you to bargain for a significant discount. In addition, you do not have to spend extra money to pay interest on the credit card.

2. Check out credit card bonus programs.

If you still decide to pay with a card, then carefully study the terms of the bonus program on it, because often this can be not only cash back or bonuses, but also real discounts on the purchase of cars that you did not know about, because cars are not very frequent purchase.

3. Do not pay more 500 dollars over invoice

If you are buying a not too expensive car, then offering the dealer $100 over the invoice will be enough; for a more expensive car, you can offer $500. If your dealer refuses to work with such an offer, you can safely go in search of another - the market is full of sellers who will be satisfied with such a deal.

4. Make a purchase through the manufacturer's website

If you want to purchase a new car, the best way is to go to the manufacturer’s website, select a car, including equipment and color, and ask what terms of sale of this car are offered by local dealers. This method will save you time and money.

Due to the competition between dealers, each of them will try to offer you the best price.

5. Give them one more chance to accept your offer.

If you made an offer to the seller, but he is not in a hurry to agree to it, it is better to get up and leave. If you are stopped, you can give them just one more chance to accept your offer.

6. Look for your own auto payment methods

If cash payment is not an option for you, do not agree to the dealer credit offers, it is better to look for a car loan option yourself, so you can avoid the overpricing and overpriced interest that dealers usually offer.

7. Beware of additional services

When you agreed with the seller about the price of a car, you will be asked to go to the manager, whose only task, at first glance, will be the paperwork. In fact, such people in the offices of dealers work on a commission from the sale of additional equipment for your car, which is far from being necessary for everyone. If you are interested in one of his offers, remember that you can bargain about the price.

8. Immediately demand the final price.

Sometimes dealers indicate a low price for a car, excluding from it the cost of necessary things that are bundled, but paid extra, so ask him to immediately name the final price so as not to waste time on bidding and explanations.

9. Keep your old car's value secret

If your dealer asks you how much you intend to sell or exchange your old car, just tell him that you are not going to do it. This may not be entirely true, but will allow you to avoid trading on this. But when you have already agreed on the final price for a new car, ask him what discount he is ready to offer in exchange for an old car. Most likely, it will be lower than the market, but still you will avoid attempts to manipulate you in the matter of discussing the price of a new car.

10. Buy less popular models

Buying cars of less popular brands will be more profitable, because the cheat prices are lower.

11. Explore the extended warranty.

When buying a car, sellers often offer an extended warranty, which costs more and promises an extended list of car safety and maintenance services. According to studies, in most cases, paying for an extended warranty, the owner of the car does not use the additional features contained in it.

12. Write letters to sellers by direct email

If you write to the seller at his direct address, then you can play on the competition here - put in the open copy of sellers from other companies so that they can see who they are competing with. In the letter, inform that you have already chosen the car, equipment and model, indicate the date by which you would like to complete the purchase of the car. Finally, give the sellers 24 hours to give you their offers.

In most cases, they will try to offer you the best deal they can afford.

13. Study your credit history

If you need to take out a loan to pay for a new car, study your credit history, because it is the interest rates that you can get that depend on it.

To do this, you can use three bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, each of them may have different data on the history. In this case, you will come prepared to negotiate a loan and you will know what you can count on.

14. Buy cars at the end of the year

Usually, by the end of the year, dealers want to make room in stores for new cars that will hit the market next year, especially if the manufacturer has already promised significant changes in body shape or engine performance. Therefore, they are willing to make good discounts on the sale of the remaining cars. Take advantage of this.

15. Rent a car before you buy

A test drive will never give you the feeling of owning a car, so before you buy a new car, rent the same model to try and explore it thoroughly, because you buy a car not for a day, but for years.

16. Shop in big stores

According to experts, buying a car in a large dealer networks will be cheaper, because at the expense of a large turnover, they can sometimes afford to make big discounts.

17. Be positive

Buying a car can cost you a lot of nerves, and the seller, of course, will be friendly with you, regardless of your behavior, but it will be much nicer to help you or even offer you a better deal if you are patient and welcoming.

18. Do not accept the price without bidding

The auto market shows that it is possible and necessary to bargain with respect to the price of a car, so do not agree when you are immediately told that the price is not negotiable.

19. Bargain like a pro

When bargaining about the price, keep in mind the amount you are willing to pay, and even if you are just delighted with the car, try to evaluate it objectively and not be led by the sellers.

20. Before leaving for a new car, carefully inspect it again and check it.

Even after you have paid for the car and received the keys to it, you still have the right to have minor dents or scratches repaired free of charge, if any are found on the car before leaving the salon. Therefore, inspect the vehicle carefully before leaving the store.

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