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7 secrets to help you save thousands of dollars when buying a car in the US

The process of buying a car in America is fundamentally different from what we are used to at home. Here's how: I came to a car dealership, looked after the car, I like the price, I don't like it - pay. In the USA, when buying even a brand-new car that has just rolled off the assembly line, you can and should bargain. The price that you see in the showroom or on the website is not at all the price for which you can buy a car. It is quite possible to get a discount of several thousand dollars here, depending on the brand of the car and its initial cost.

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I must say right away that I bought only one car in the USA, but my husband worked in the automotive business for many years and knows him from A to Z. Therefore, these are, rather, his secrets, not mine 🙂 I draw your attention that we will only talk about buying a new one the cars in the showroom and all the tips are based on how the process works in California. Perhaps other states have their own nuances.

1. Find out the price in advance

After you have decided which car you want, check the sites Truecar и Edmunds its cost. TruecarAs a rule, it shows the lowest price for which you can buy the car you are interested in. Online Edmunds you will be able to compare what prices for cars are offered by nearby salons. However, in order to view them, you need to leave your data on the site - name and surname, email and phone number. You look and compare prices, and car dealerships get your contacts. And then the "hunt" begins for you, which is very beneficial for you, a potential buyer, because thanks to the competition of salons, you can bargain for the best conditions for yourself.

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2. Go shopping online

Many car dealerships now have special departments that work with customers who come from the Internet. Sellers it is important to lure you to the salon, so they are ready to offer low prices. Here you can act like this. Send requests for the car you are interested in to all the more or less located salons (determine the distance you are ready to go for a good deal) and select the cheapest offer, even if it is far away and the car is not the color you want. Then voice this price to other salons and find out if they can kill it and sell the car even cheaper. Such a maneuver can be cranked several times.

3. Bargain

Bargaining is also worth it when you have already come to the store. The policy of car dealerships may differ: some are more willing to give discounts, some are less. But everyone drops the price.

When the cost of a car is about 30 thousand dollars and more, it is quite possible to get a discount in 10-15%.

But keep in mind - if this is a new car model and there are not so many of them on the market yet, the salon may not reduce the price.

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4. See invoice

Ask the seller for an invoice for the car. Again - some salons may not give it, but usually they do show it. The invoice can be used to determine the real cost of the car.

The price of the car on the invoice will be already less than the MSRP (Manufacturer's suggested retail price - manufacturer's recommended retail price). The seller may say that their final price is indicated on the invoice, but this is not entirely true, since it usually includes the costs of local advertising. Therefore, you may well bring down another 2-4% of the invoice price. If this is a luxury car, then even more.

5. Choose the right time

The best time to buy a car is the last days of a month or year. There is internal competition between the salons in terms of the number of cars sold. And if at the beginning of the month the salons look more at the profit they receive from the sale of cars, then at the end of the month they are chasing the numbers of cars sold. Then you can look forward to a really good deal.

In addition, for large holidays (Independence Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day, etc.), salons offer good discounts, so it makes sense to coincide with the purchase of a public holiday.

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6. Decide on additional services

Some salons are ready to sell you the car itself, either with zero profit for themselves, or even go into negative territory. The secret is that they often get their main income thanks to additional services, such as, for example, an extended warranty (extended warranty), prepaid service (prepaid maintenance) etc. Therefore, even if you fight for every dollar, bargaining for a car, but then buy all these additional services during registration, the salon will remain in good profit.

If you have decided for yourself in advance that you are planning to buy additional services, tell the seller about it - he will be more willing to reduce the price of the car. In this case, it is worth calling the nearest salons in advance and find out how much they have for such services. You can also bargain when registering these services.

If you do not plan to buy additional services, do not say anything to the seller, otherwise it may be more difficult to get a favorable price.

7. Consider other financial factors.

Often car manufacturers offer special conditions to buyers with a good credit rating. For example, a refund of a certain amount (alarm) or super beneficial interest on the loan. When we bought the car, Toyota offered either a refund of $ 1000 (in fact, this amount is deducted upon purchase), or an interest rate of 0,9%. We chose the latter - with such a rate, we will need to overpay less than $ 25 for a loan of $ 5 thousand in 600 years. As a rule, such a low rate is a more advantageous offer than a refund, but it all depends on your individual situation - for how long you take out a loan and whether you are going to repay it ahead of schedule.

Buyers of all-electric or hybrid vehicles (but only those that can drive a certain distance solely on electricity) can count on compensation from the state - up to $ 7,500. For example, we bought Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid, which after a full charge can go 25 miles exclusively on electricity. This model was more expensive than usual. Prius, but bought it get bоmore compensation. We have already received a check for $ 500 PG & E and still need to get a $ 4,500 tax credit when filing a tax return. The size of compensation for all electric and hybrid cars can be viewed here.

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