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12-year-old American assembled a nuclear reactor at home and got into the Guinness Book of Records

A teenager from the United States Jackson Oswalt entered the Guinness Book of Records, having assembled a nuclear reactor at the age of 12. About it сообщается on the website of the Book of Records, writes "SNOB".

Jackson officially became the youngest person in the world to carry out nuclear fusion. Previous record holder Taylor Wilson built the reactor at the age of 14.

What is known about the record holder

While his peers, which is typical of this age, played video games and watched TV, Jackson was busy assembling a compact nuclear fusion reactor in his laboratory, which he himself had created in the former playroom of his home.

Oswalt began creating a nuclear fusion plant when he was only 12 years old, but on January 19, 2018, just a few hours before his 13th birthday, he announced that he had achieved his goal.

With the help of 50 volts of energy, the guy was able to successfully collide two atoms of gaseous deuterium inside the reactor he created, successfully draining the nucleus in the active plasma zone. After doing more research, Oswalt became more confident in his results.

“For those who have not seen my previous posts and said that I will never be able to achieve the process of nuclear fusion, this information should come as a surprise. Over the past month, I have made very great progress in addressing all the major flaws in my system. And now I've got results that I think are really worth something, ”Oswalt wrote.

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The costs of creating the Oswalt nuclear reactor, which is a "tiny fusor", really turned out to be quite tangible - about 10 thousand dollars that the parents gave the boy. At the same time, Jackson's father says that he allowed his son to work on the project only after he invited specialists who told the boy about the dangers associated with radiation and voltages of thousands of volts.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Jackson Oswalt is now 15 years old. He doesn't experiment very often, but he promises to do something even more impressive.

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