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Washington Man Wins $754,6 Million in Powerball Lottery

One person in Washington DC won a $754,6 million Powerball jackpot — the fifth-largest Powerball jackpot and the ninth-largest US lottery jackpot in history. ABC.

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If the winner chooses to receive their winnings as a lump sum, they will receive a total of $407,2 million.

The winning jackpot numbers were 5, 11, 22, 23, 69 and Powerball 7.

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Five tickets - two in Michigan and three in New York - matched all five white balls to win a $1 million prize. One ticket in Texas won $2 million with the Power Play option. There were also 58 tickets worth $50 and 000 tickets worth $16 awarded nationwide. the largest Powerball jackpot and the ninth largest US Lottery jackpot ever won,” the lottery said.

According to Powerball, the draw on February 6 in the evening is the first time the Powerball jackpot has been won in 2023. Previously, the jackpot was won over 11 weeks ago on November 19 last year, thanks to a ticket in Kansas. He won the top prize of $92,9 million.

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“Other Powerball jackpots won in 2022 include a $632,6 million jackpot won on January 5th split between winners in California and Wisconsin, a $185,3 million jackpot won on February 14th in Connecticut, a $473,1 jackpot, $27 million won on April 366,7 in Arizona, a $29 million jackpot won on June 206,9 in Vermont, a $3 million jackpot won on August 2,04 in Pennsylvania, and a world-record jackpot of $7 billion won on November XNUMX in California,” Powerball said in a statement.

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The overall odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292,2 million.

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In the U.S. lottery win Powerball jackpot
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