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On vacation on a trailer: how to choose and rent a motorhome in America

Considering renting a trailer for your next trip? There are many nuances in choosing the perfect motorhome for an unforgettable vacation. Only In Your State.

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When you're ready to rent a motorhome for your next trip, remember these nine tips that cover everything you need to know about this exciting form of transportation.

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1. Don't pay for more space than you need

If you're planning on spending a few weeks on the road with your family, shell out a few extra dollars for a larger motorhome. You will appreciate the extra space. However, if you're only planning on spending a few days driving with your significant other, consider renting a medium-sized motorhome. Look into models with retractable room extensions if you really want a little more space.

2. Check the cleanliness before the trip

If the dealer doesn't bother cleaning the inside of the trailer before renting it out to another customer, just think about what else it might not service (hint: engine). This is another reason to rent a motorhome through a reliable source.

3. Don't rent the first thing you see

It's easy to get carried away and fall in love with the first fashion model you see, especially if you've never ridden a motorhome before. But it's best to look at a few models before making a purchase.

4. Plan your meals with the kitchen in mind

If you rent a model with a fully equipped kitchen, you will have plenty of cooking options. But if you're leaving with just a pantry and a stove, your menu should look a little different. Also, check kitchen utensils like steak knives, pots and pans before you check out.

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5. Check the fine print. And then check again

Renting a motorhome is not like renting a car. You can expect hidden costs such as insurance, security deposits and taxes. But you should also ask about things like included equipment and extra items. Some rentals include bed linen and towels, some do not. You could end up saving hundreds by choosing the same model from another rental agency that offers a more generous rental agreement.

6. Consider Bringing Your Own Generator

Whether you're touring state parks or using your motorhome primarily as an outdoor living space, you'll need a reliable power source. Even if your campsite promises electrical connections, you never know what you'll find when you arrive. They may be non-functional or unreliable. Sure, your campsite can refund you for the inconvenience... but that doesn't change the fact that you're in the middle of a forest with no electricity.

7. Make sure you can take your pet on board

Even if you consider your dog to be part of the family, the rental agency probably doesn't. Make sure your rental agreement allows pets and double check for any additional pet-related fees such as a deposit or daily surcharge.

8. Be aware that your belongings will move

You can consider renting bikes, kayaks, and sun loungers at your destination if you don't want to fiddle with attaching them to your camper. Also, think about how small appliances like a coffee maker and laptop will perform on bumpy roads. Make sure your motorhome has internal storage for things you don't want to break along the way.

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9. Finally learn how to operate this thing

If you've never driven anything bigger than a sedan, you might be invigorated by the first attempt to park your motorhome. Watch an online video to learn how to maneuver a large vehicle and ask your rental agency for advice. And, of course, insurance is your friend.

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