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Severe detentions, beatings and injuries: how were the actions in support of Navalny in Russia

The rallies held on Saturday, January 23, in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, became the most numerous in modern Russian history - tens of thousands of people took part in them. Protests were held in 122 cities of the country, writes Air force.

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According to OVD-info, 3711 people were detained throughout the country, 1360 of them in Moscow and 523 in St. Petersburg.

The action became resonant due to clashes between protesters and riot police and harsh detentions, during which many were injured. Nearly 30 people were injured at a rally in Moscow; they turned to doctors for help.

In St. Petersburg, 24 people asked for medical help. Tomsk journalist Sergei Kolotovkin, one of the founders of the Immortal Regiment action, in St. Petersburg broke his arm during his arrest.

According to various sources, in the capital during the action, from 39 to 42 security officials were injured.

To date, human rights defenders have counted 14 criminal cases opened due to participation in the actions. Eight of them are being investigated in Moscow, two in St. Petersburg, one each in Rostov, Kazan, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok, said Pavel Chikov, head of the Agora human rights organization.

Among them are cases of violence against government officials, calls for riots, involvement of minors in committing illegal actions, violation of sanitary rules that led to a massive coronavirus disease, as well as hooliganism, deliberate damage to property, and even deliberate blocking of roads. In particular, such cases were initiated in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Primorye. The Moscow headquarters for the fight against coronavirus reported that 19 patients with Covid-19 came to the rally, who were ordered to isolate themselves at home - they will be issued fines.

While only a few have been detained in criminal cases, interrogations are in progress. Representatives of the European Union and the United States condemned the actions of the security forces during the dispersal of the rallies, and some government officials suggested introducing new sanctions against Russia.

Navalny's associates announced new promotions next Sunday, January 31st.

Punch to the stomach and reconciliation

One of the most resonant events at the all-Russian action was the incident in St. Petersburg - a policeman kicked 54-year-old Margarita Yudina in the stomach. “Fontanka” published a video in which the riot policemen are leading the detainee, and a woman stands in their way, wanting to ask about something, after which one of the policemen kicks her in the stomach with a boot.

From the impact, the woman fell and hit the asphalt, she was taken to the hospital. Data on her well-being from different sources were different. In some media there was information that she was in serious condition, somewhere they wrote that she was feeling well.

So, it was reported that the director of the Institute of Emergency Medicine Research Institute. Dzhanelidze Vadim Manukovsky allegedly told the telegram channel “Podyem” that Yudina had “a slight injury” and “there are no problems at all”.

“She is conscious, she feels great, I would have discharged her at all,” Manukovsky said. He later recanted his words.

“Invented and quoted. There will probably even be a press conference on this matter. I did not say this phrase [about feeling great], ”he said later in an interview with“ Fontanka ”.

The Baza edition reported that the woman was diagnosed with a concussion, a closed head injury and a hematoma of the occiput. On the night of January 23-24, she became worse and was transferred to intensive care in serious condition, but already on January 24, Yudina was transferred to the cardiac surgery department.

The head of the department for the protection of public order of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police Colonel Sergei Muzyka apologized to Yudina. According to Mash, the colonel came to the woman in the hospital and “apologized several times on behalf of the entire personnel,” promising to investigate and punish those responsible.

“On behalf of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Sergey Muzyka apologized to the woman. He stressed that forceful actions that go beyond the law are in any case unacceptable, ”TASS quotes the press service of the department.

On Sunday, January 24, the policeman who hit Yudina himself came to her hospital with a bouquet of chrysanthemums, a video of reconciliation spread across social networks and the media. The security officer explained his act by the fact that “five minutes” before the incident, he was “filled with gas,” and he also got sweaty. In the video of the blow, his visor is raised.

“Forgive me, he's a good guy here,” the voice-over sounded in the video.

“When I found out what happened, it was a personal tragedy,” the police officer stammered to the woman. In the video, his face is blurred, his voice is changed.

“Don't worry about that. Everyone is alive. The flowers are good, chrysanthemums, ”Yudina answered him. A video with her statement on Sunday evening, January 24, was published by the REN TV channel.

“I forgave the offender, because I understand that our youth are in a difficult situation. I hold no evil. I am an Orthodox person, I forgive everyone, ”she said. The woman, at her request, was transferred to the Luga hospital.

One dismissal in connection with the incident took place: a Russian guard was fired, who laughed at the video with Yudina's blow with the words: "***** [There is nothing to stand in our way." The video with his reaction was published by Dvach. State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein then said that "if he really has anything to do with the service, he will not be in good luck."

“Unfortunately, this is a contract soldier of the 107th regiment of the 55th division of the Russian Guard (Moscow). I phoned the leadership of the department. The decision has already been made to fire him. A young man who is not outraged, but admires how a woman who is suitable for him as a mother is unreasonably beaten, cannot, by definition, serve in the VNG [National Guard Troops], ”Khinshtein later said.

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A fight between a Chechen and riot police

One of the videos from the rally on Pushkinskaya Square on January 23 shows how a young man fights with police officers, punches and kicks them. OMON responds with blows of truncheons. After half a minute of a fight, the young man is pulled out by a crowd of protesters and hides from the police.

In the evening, information began to spread on social networks that the guy was a Chechen. Under the post on Instagram, the user skfo_info wrote the guy's name and that he is from Chechnya. Subscribers criticized the author of the post because he wrote the name of the young man: “They just took and leaked the guy, what will happen now? We are waiting tomorrow on the Grozny [Chechen State TV and Radio Company] channel, how he apologizes. " There are several hundred similar comments under the post. Many doubted that the guy was a Chechen.

The next day, State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov recorded a video message and posted it on his Instagram. Delimkhanov speaks Chechen and says that he spoke with the young man's father.

“We've all seen a Chechen guy on social media waving his fists against the authorities. What you have done is a crime, whoever committed it. People like Navalny, who approve of marriage between men, are not permissible for us, ”says the deputy.

Delimkhanov calls the participants of the rally shaitans. Addressing the hero of the video, Delimkhanov says that he has been looking for him since yesterday and has already talked with his classmates in Moscow. According to the deputy, the guy is a student at Moscow State University.

“If you know what courage is, [what it is] to be a Chechen, a Muslim, you will get in touch in direct [personal message on Instagram] with me or with my comrades.” In this case, Delimkhanov promises to help the young man “solve the issue according to the law”.

“Your father says that you do not support these people [Navalny]. If you support them, then you should not hide, but go to the end. If so, then we know what to do with you and with people like you. If you do not support them, our leader Ramzan said that he will help you from the point of view of the law when you show up, ”says Adam Delimkhanov.

Telegram channel BAZA wrote that the police have already talked to the young man's family. “According to the guy who was handed over to the police by his family, someone hit him on the head, and when he came to, he was already in a deranged state and began to fight with the riot police,” wrote the BAZA channel.

Police kick in the jaw

In St. Petersburg on Sunday, January 24, a man was detained who hit traffic police during an action. According to Fontanka, the 37-year-old detainee works as an IT specialist in a company that provides services in the field of industrial safety of hazardous industrial facilities. Baza posted a video of him confessing that he hit two police officers and fled.

According to the man, he climbed onto a traffic police tow truck on Senate Square. When a traffic police officer approached him, he went down and, in response to the policeman's attempt to grab him by the shoulder, stabbed him.

“His colleague chased me. I stopped, hit the second colleague and ran away, ”says the man in the video.

The video of this strike was widely circulated on social media. It shows how a man, to whom a police officer says something, punches him in the jaw. From the impact, the employee falls to the ground. The man was chased by another traffic police officer. According to "Fontanka", the striker was detained at two o'clock in the morning on one of the streets of St. Petersburg.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under Part 1 of Art. 318 of the Criminal Code (use of violence against a government official). Those convicted on it face up to five years in prison.

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Flasher machine

A lot of resonance was caused by the incident on Tsvetnoy Boulevard with a Toyota car with AMP numbers and a flashing light (assigned, judging by the old bases, to the FSB). The car “belongs to the central office of the FSB,” a source told TASS.

The protesters threw snowballs at the car driving along the boulevard and smashed the rear window. The driver's eye was injured, RIA Novosti and TASS reported, citing sources. This information has not been officially confirmed. He was taken to the hospital, nothing is known about his condition.

Investigators opened a criminal case under the hooliganism article, TASS reported, citing a source. So far, the detainees in this case have not been reported.

"Take me away"

In St. Petersburg, another resonant case also occurred - a passer-by suggested that a security officer detain him instead of another person.

In a video posted on social networks, one can see how a riot policeman is trying to detain a young man who is hugging a crying girl.

A man comes up to them and asks the security officer: “Will you hack a stick? Take me then, and let them go. "

The policeman agreed and took him to the paddy wagon. But, as Fontanka later reported, after a while a group of security officials detained almost everyone who watched this incident.

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