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In New York, the 8-year-old homeless refugee became a chess champion

A homeless 8-year-old refugee from Nigeria became a chess champion in competitions held in the state of New York. He beat children from elite private schools with personal chess teachers.

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According to the browser New York Times Nicholas Christoph, Tanitoluv Adevumi, who lives in a homeless shelter in Manhattan with his family, won the New York State Chess Championship in his category.

Tanitolow, known as "Tani", learned to play chess just a year ago and now wants to become "the youngest grandmaster."

And he is actively moving towards making this dream come true: a year ago the boy took part in his first tournament with the lowest rating among all participants - 105. Now his rating is 1587 and is growing rapidly. (By comparison, the best player in the world, Magnus Carlsen, is rated at 2845.)

His parents reportedly fled with his children from Nigeria in 2017 due to fear of terrorist attacks from the Boko Haram group.

Tani studied chess with his classmates at PS 116 in New York and joined the school chess club. The club organizer refused to collect fees from Tanya due to the difficult financial situation of his family. Although he started out as the lowest-rated member of the club, he grew rapidly and now gained recognition in his school and throughout the state.

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PS 116 Director Jane Xu said Tanya's victory is “an inspiring example of how life's problems do not define a person,” and expressed gratitude to his parents who are making efforts to raise and develop the boy, despite the fact that they are left homeless.

“He's so passionate. He solves 10 times more chess puzzles than the average child. He just wants to be better, ”said school chess teacher Sean Martinez.

The family filed an application for asylum, and was reportedly already invited to an interview in August. The hearing will take place three months after Tani takes part in the US School Chess Championship.

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