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At Boston Airport, two JetBlue planes collided on the runway.

On the morning of February 8, two Jet Blue planes collided on the ground at Logan Airport in Boston (Massachusetts), reports Boston25News.

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The JetBlue aircraft was entering the de-icing platform when it collided with the tail of another JetBlue aircraft on an adjacent platform. As a result of the collision, the wing of one aircraft and the tail of the other were damaged.

As a result of the incident, neither passengers nor crew were injured - both aircraft were taken out of service for repairs.

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"Safety is JetBlue's priority and we will work to determine how and why this incident occurred," the airline said in a statement.

Pushing and screaming

Passenger Dave Sauter said he was heading to Las Vegas to work a Super Bowl event. The incident occurred after they drove away from the gate. Sauter said there were no empty seats on the plane. During the interview, he was waiting on the tarmac to return to the gate.

The second plane was heading to Orlando.

“There was a loud bang around 6:30,” said Ryan Bates, a passenger on the plane bound for Las Vegas. “We were told that they were going to clear the plane of ice before takeoff.”

Bates said the shade on his window was down so he didn't see the planes touch each other, but some passengers were screaming after the incident.

“Initially I thought we missed a runway or something,” he explained. “And when I opened the curtain, I saw that we were close to another plane, but we continued to move forward.”
According to him, for some time the passengers tried to understand what was happening.

“And then they came on the loudspeaker and said that we hit another plane,” he explained.

When the planes touched, he said, passengers "felt a strong jolt and I could see the damage because I was sitting by the window above the wing."

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“I saw the damage right away,” Bates noted. “It was pretty dark, so until the lights went out, about 20 minutes later, I could see part of another plane on the ground behind our plane.”

He admitted that it was very unpleasant when they crashed so hard into another vehicle.

“None of the aircraft is currently in a condition that allows them to fly,” he stated.

Bates said he was heading to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl and the incident was just a minor incident for him.

“Hopefully we still get there and we still have a great weekend,” he concluded.

“The left wing of an Airbus A321neo, JetBlue Flight 777, struck the right horizontal stabilizer of an Airbus A321, JetBlue Flight 551, at approximately 6:40 a.m. local time on Thursday, February 8th. The planes were in a de-icing area at Logan International Airport in Boston,” said the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which intends to investigate.

“The accident occurred on an airline-controlled portion of the runway,” FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Corey said.

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