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3 times cheaper: secret days for the most profitable flights in December

At the beginning of December there is a “window” during which you can easily find the cheapest airline tickets. Although not everyone knows about it, you should hurry up and quickly plan your trip so that you can get tickets at the best prices this year.

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ABC News writes that the best time to travel is right after Thanksgiving, or rather, after travelers return home after relaxing and meeting with families in honor of the holiday. Experienced tourists call this period the Deal Zone - the time of deals (discounts).

You can book a flight on 3 or 4 December (later you can also) and return to mid-December or earlier. These dates may vary approximately one day depending on your hometown and destination, but it is best to complete your trip by December 18.

Why are tickets so cheap at this time?

It is very easy to explain this - in the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas / New Year, there is a so-called dead zone, when people, basically, do not fly anywhere, but rest and buy tickets directly for the holidays. Most of them will spend 2-3 times more (and sometimes even more) than those who are going to hit the road during the Deal Zone.

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Here are 4 examples. The first price is the cheapest Deal Zone fare for travel in early December; the second price is the cost of pre-Thanksgiving tickets available for booking from November 11th.

From Albuquerque to Los Angeles (direct)

  • Deal Zone: $ 117
  • Thanksgiving: $ 387

From Kansas City to San Diego (non-stop)

  • Deal Zone: $ 207
  • Thanksgiving: $ 988

From Nashville to Philadelphia

  • Deal Zone: $ 39
  • Thanksgiving: $ 495

From Richmond to Boston

  • Deal Zone: $ 117
  • Thanksgiving: $ 347

Maybe this is a mistake?

Yes, it may seem so, but these are real prices that are designed to lure passengers into planes during periods of calm. It is also worth considering that many of these very cheap offers require you to fly on weekdays rather than on more popular days (Fridays and Sundays) and popular routes. If you want to get the most out of these deals, get used to the idea of ​​a mid-week trip.

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How long will these discounts last?

Why take the risk? Book now. When you do this, be sure to compare flights and not just go to your favorite airline’s website. No matter how cheap your usual carrier may be, it will not always have the best price. If possible, use the tariff search and comparison tool, which will show you the cheapest routes for the weeks you would like to fly to.

What else do you need to know?

Do not spend your money on baggage. Hand luggage is usually free, but even with airlines that make you pay for it, this option will save you time since you don’t have to wait long for your baggage to be handed over on your luggage belt.

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