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You can’t eat in any form: doctors in the USA are sounding the alarm because of a dangerous infection caused by lettuce

ForumDaily писал that 40 people in the 16 states of the United States were infected with E. coli due to leaf lettuce. It became known that this is a romaine salad collected in the Salinas region of California. Here is the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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According to the official statement CDC, consumers should not eat, and retailers and restaurants should not sell or serve Romaine salad collected in the Salinas, California region.

This applies to all types of romaine lettuce collected in Salinas, including whole lettuce heads and cores, packets of pre-chopped lettuce and salad mixes that contain romaine, including baby romaine, spring mix, Caesar salad and organic romaine.

If you have romaine lettuce in your home or restaurant that says “Salinas” on the label (no matter where you bought it or where you are), don't eat it - it's better to throw it away. If you don't know if the salad is romaine or if the mixture contains romaine lettuce, don't eat or serve it - throw it away.

Most romaine lettuce products are labeled with harvesting locations showing where they were grown.

On the subject: 40 people infected in 16 state: FDA expands dangerous salad recall

In total, 40 patients infected with the E. coli 0157: H7 strain from 16 states were registered, 27 people were hospitalized, 5 developed hemolytic uremic syndrome - one of the types of renal failure. No deaths were reported.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has recalled several products containing romaine lettuce due to possible contamination with E. coli. A complete list of recall products can be found. here.

Laboratory data confirmed that the outbreak was caused by the same O157 coli strain: H7, which caused previous outbreaks of leafy greens in 2017 and romaine lettuce in 2018.

What you need to know about this E. coli strain:

People become infected with Escherichia coli producing Shiga toxin on average 2-8 days (usually 3-4 days) after ingestion of an infected product. Most develop diarrhea (often bloody), severe cramping in the gastrointestinal tract, and vomiting.

As a rule, recovery occurs within a week, but some cases can last longer and be more serious. Some people with E. coli infections may develop a type of kidney failure called hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

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Patients with suspected infection with Escherichia coli are not recommended antibiotics until an examination is performed. E. coli infection is usually diagnosed by testing a stool sample. Some studies have shown that administering antibiotics to patients with E. coli infections may increase the risk of developing HUS, and the benefits of treatment have not been clearly seen.

The troubling channel commented on this situation. Fox News.

“Romaine lettuce is not safe to eat in any form: no matter where and when you bought it; it doesn't matter if it is sliced ​​or whole; even one leaf of lettuce in your cheeseburger; it doesn't matter if someone ate a salad and didn't get sick - throw it all away and don't eat a bite! ”

News anchors advised Americans to refrain from consuming any variation of romaine lettuce, regardless of the manufacturer, in order to protect themselves for sure.

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