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Ukrainian in the United States accused of illegally financing the headquarters of Trump and other Republicans

On October 22, a federal court found ex-associate of the politician Rudy Giuliani, who worked with President Donald Trump, Lev Parnas, guilty. He is accused of receiving money from Russian businessman Andrei Muravyov to support Republican candidates. The publication told about this in more detail. Voice of America.

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Parnas, an American businessman of Ukrainian descent, and his former associate Igor Fruman, received money from Russian businessman Andrei Muravyov and sent it to fund election campaigns in the United States.

Parnassus was interested in candidates in states where it was possible to obtain a license to conduct a business associated with the legalized sale of marijuana.

According to prosecutors, Parnas hid the fact that he and Fruman, who pleaded guilty back in September, donated to the Republican Political Action Committee (PAC), which also raised funds for the presidential campaign of the then US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Parnas was found guilty of violating federal laws prohibiting foreigners from campaigning and making party donations on behalf of others.

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Andrei Kukushkin, an associate of businessman Muravyov, was also found guilty of violating campaign finance.

Rudy Giuliani, ex-prosecutor and former mayor of New York, is not involved in this case: he has not been charged with any charges. But Giuliani is involved in another investigation that New York authorities are leading into whether he was required to register as a foreign agent.

Journalists claim that Parnas helped Giuliani to search for information that could help initiate an investigation into Joe Biden and his son regarding his activities in Ukraine. Trump demanded to start an investigation into Biden at the time.

Parnassus' lawyer Joseph Bondi said that the defense intends to appeal the verdict.

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US District Judge Jay Paul Otchen rejected the prosecutor's request to detain Parnas and Kukushkin.

“The defendants have convincingly proved that they are not going to hide,” explained Otkne.

Parnas's lawyers argue that Muravyov's funds went to business investments, not campaign contributions, and that the donation to a group of Trump supporters came from a firm founded by Parnas and did not violate US laws.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman accused of conspiracy to “circumvent federal laws prohibiting foreign interferenceusing the scheme of transferring foreign money to candidates for federal and state posts ”.
  • According to prosecutors, Parnas was born in Ukraine, Fruman - in Belarus.
  • Parnassus and Fruman used Global Energy Producers to contribute $ 325 to a special political action committee supporting Donald Trump and $ 000 to another political committee. Parnassus transferred another $ 15 to Trump's campaign in 000.
  • Since March 2018 Parnas and Fruman started attending campaign fundraising events and contributing to campaign fundraising committees in order to increase the influence of individual candidates in federal elections. To hide the sources of their funding from third parties, they created the Global Energy Producers company and entered its details on all payment documents, and not their names. From June 2018 to April 2019, according to the prosecutor's office, all four tried to transfer the Russian's money to some American politicians and candidates for various positions (names not disclosed).
  • The defendants kept in touch with a Russian businessman and raised his money to carry out lobbying campaigns in the interests of their business in the United States.

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