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Scientists believe that a person will achieve immortality in 2030

If you have always dreamed of the possibility of living forever, then you are in luck: scientists believe that only seven years are left before achieving immortality. Writes about it Indy100.

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Futurist and computer scientist Ray Kurzweil predicted when the human race could live forever and artificial intelligence (AI) would reach the singularity. He believes that this will happen as early as 2030.

The expert has already made accurate predictions about advances in technology. In 1990, he predicted that by the year 2000 a computer would be able to beat the best human chess player in the world. He foresaw, among other things, that portable devices would become a big part of our lives.

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As for the achievement of AI technologies at the level of human intelligence, Kurzweil believes that this will happen in 2029, and immortality will come in 2030.

He explained: “2029 is the exact date I predicted when AI will pass the Turing test and therefore reach human levels of intelligence. I have set a date of 2045 for the "singularity" when we, merging with the intelligence we have created, multiply our effective intelligence by a billion times."

Speaking on a podcast with computer scientist Lex Friedman, Kurzweil laid out his views on immortality.

He said we could "increase human life expectancy by more than a year each year." In his view, "we can achieve this by the end of this decade."

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The futurist suggested, among other things, that nanorobots would run in our bloodstream and help us stay healthy, as well as upload our thoughts and memories to the cloud.

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