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Only not a hotel safe: where it is better to store valuables while traveling

On any trip there is a need to keep somewhere spare amounts of money, credit cards, passports, jewelry. Experts warn: no safe in the hotel is not protected from theft.

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One of the concerns of hotel guests is the safety of valuables: passports, money, jewelry. In most cases, it is recommended to store them in a safe in your room. However, experts are confident: there are no safes that are 100% reliable, writes the publication “NEWS".

According to the corporate site corporatetravelsafety, in all hotels there is an opportunity to open the safe with a universal key. This feature is provided in case the guest has lost his key or forgotten the code. There is also a universal code that is usually simple, something like 9999. And if the safe can be opened by someone other than you, it no longer seems so reliable.

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It is enough to have one dishonest employee in a hotel so that valuables are lost, and it will not be easy to identify a thief. Moreover, the hotel management will deny the theft. And without proof you cannot get insurance compensation. According to the data security company G Data Software AG, the universal code for opening safes does not change for years, and it can be found on the Internet. Well, access to the room at the hotel employees is at any time of day.

Moreover, hotel employees do not need to know the universal code to break into the safe. Most guests code the lock with a simple combination of numbers like 0000 or 1234, so it is easy to remember. A thief may try to enter this code, which in many cases gives him access to foreign values.

Therefore, the first thing that needs to be done is to choose a code that is more difficult, at least the date of one’s own birth.

Another problem is the degree of responsibility of the hotel for the safety of property of guests. The policy in this matter in different countries and hotels is different.

If it is not possible to prove that the loss occurred due to the fault of the hotel, then there will be no compensation, even if the hotel accepts the guest’s complaint. In most cases, the investigation takes time, and tourists, especially foreign ones, usually do not have it.

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But if you are sure that the cause of the damage is the hotel’s negligence, you need to be persistent and file a complaint. Including to the local police - to prove a crime.

Typically, hotels are trying to evade responsibility, so you should try to get compensation in a different way: for example, under the policies of the owners of the property, which covers the damage from thefts that occurred during the holidays of the owners of the policy.

How to protect your belongings from theft

  1. Install in the room safe an additional Milockie lock that fits most types of safes. It will prevent unauthorized persons from accessing valuable content.
  2. Place valuables in your own hotel safe. In this case, it is necessary to obtain a receipt from the administration with their list. This safe is insured and only a few employees have access to it.

In any case, you should not leave large sums of money, expensive jewelry or other valuable items in the room. It is impossible to leave them in a prominent place and it is better to put them in the safe, rather than trying to arrange a cache somewhere under the mattress. In the safe value can be protected by an additional lock, which, at least, will scare away thieves.

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