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Teleportation and exchange of feelings: Ukrainians will present 8 startups at the World Technology Fair in Texas

South by Southwest or SXSW is an annual global technology fair in Austin, Texas. Here you can find festivals, including film and music, as well as exhibitions and conferences for interactive industries. Every year in March, SXSW hosts an exhibition of creative industries. It brings together innovative products in the fields of design, entertainment, social benefits and health. This year, 8 Ukrainian companies took part in the event, which will be held from 10 to 19 March. Writes about it Economic truth.

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According to the organizers, the presented products are able to take visitors to the next century and even beyond. In addition to presenting their own product, the participants of the event can build partnerships with representatives of American and European businesses.

In 2022, Ukrainian startups represented the country at SXSW for the first time, there were 6 of them. This year, the Ukrainian delegation will be represented by 8 innovative companies. In total, more than 50 applicants took part in the selection, 15 of which were invited to an online presentation of their own projects.

In addition, the Ukrainian delegation will take part in the Innovation Bridge Europe House, a joint project of the organizers of national delegations from Europe, Canada and the UK.

What will the Ukrainians present at SXSW this year?

Audiovisual teleportation platform by Aspichi

Aspichi's core product is a platform that streams real-time video and audio to virtual reality (VR) helmet users. That is, this technology essentially moves you to the place where the broadcast is being conducted.

One of the areas of the team's work during the war was "cultural diplomacy" through VR and registration of Russian crimes in video mode.

Thanks to this technology, the European Ministers of Culture, during their visit to Lviv in June 2022, were able to virtually visit the destroyed Bucha and Irpen.

In addition to diplomatic missions, technology is also used in the provision of psychological services, as well as during trainings.

In Ukraine, Aspichi works in B2G (Business-to-government). The startup plans to provide services to the corporate segment in the field of telemedicine, video security, construction, online education, and manufacturing.

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The startup was founded at the end of 2021 by Maxim Goncharuk and Viktor Samoylenko. At SXSW, its representatives plan to meet with potential partners (Meta, AWS, MS, Qualcomm) to attract new customers and investors.

In 2023, Aspichi will focus on work in Ukraine, and in 2024 it plans to enter the US market.

Virtual fitting room from 3DLOOK

The flagship product of 3DLOOK is YourFit. This is a virtual fitting room powered by a patented mobile body scanning technology.

It is placed as a widget on the pages of online stores. By opening it, a potential buyer can easily scan himself with just two photos.

Next, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithm informs the customer which size is right for the customer and allows them to try on the item virtually.

YourFit helps brands reduce product returns and provides shoppers with personalized advice on style and size.

“Our clients can attest to this. On average, the number of product returns decreases by 6%, conversion increases by 16%, and the average order value increases by 23%,” says 3DLOOK CEO Vadim Rogovsky.

He founded 3DLOOK in 2016. At the end of 2021, the total amount of attracted investments amounted to $14,7 million. Rogovsky said that the company managed to get as close as possible to its goal of $100 million.

The main clients of the company are D2C brands and retailers. In 2021, 3DLOOK's revenue was almost $2 million.

The company cooperates with market giants from the Fortune 500 list. Among its clients are Ukrainian companies: Intertop and Yulia Pelipas brand Bettter. 3DLOOK is looking to expand its presence in the online shopping industry.

Realistic 3D Content Creation Platform by ZibraAI

Startup ZibraAI is building an ecosystem of AI-powered complementary tools to make it easier and faster to create virtual content for games and VR experiences. Its technology allows you to compress 3D data.

The startup's flagship products are Zibra Liquids Pro, Zibra Smoke & Fire, and Zibra VDB. The first two are for working with visual effects.

“These are real-time visual effects simulation products. They allow game developers to create interactive game mechanics based on realistic physics effects, in particular water, smoke and fire, for various platforms and even VR,” says Konstantin Timoshchuk, Head of Growth at ZibraAI.

Zibra VDB is an OpenVDB data compression technology (cinema format that preserves high-quality, 3D XNUMXD effects).

Another direction of ZibraAI is the generation of 3D objects using AI.

“Our technology is very popular in the US. They are widely used in Asia, in particular in Japan. About 70 thousand people use our products to create virtual content - games or VR projects,” says Tymoshchuk.

SXSW ZibraAI plans to present its technology to US developers. Another goal of the trip is to finalize a round of investments in a startup.

Google Analytics for video broadcasts from Esports Charts

The company was founded in 2016. Esports Charts started as an analytics platform

Now the company is engaged in online broadcast viewer analytics and provides access to statistics from the world of e-sports, streaming, entertainment and traditional sports.

In 2018-2020, the company attracted angel investments (financial and expert support in the early stages of startup development).

Esports Charts owns about 50 metrics about any tournament, team, organizer, influencer or player.

Most of the company's users are in Asia and North America, including the USA. The top five countries include Austria, Ukraine and the UK.

With Esports Charts, businesses interested in the esports, streaming, entertainment, and traditional sports markets can get statistics about their audience.

For example, the company regularly studies the Ukrainian segment of Twitch, in particular, the growth of channels and audience.

At SXSW, the company wants to find partners as it plans to launch new products in 2023.

Virtual worlds from Mriya production

Mriya production develops 3D content for virtual production. Directly 3D content is a computer game where you can move around and change elements. Collectively, this is referred to as the Virtual Environment.

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This environment is a unique combination of computer games, classic 3D modeling and the film industry.

As noted in Mriya production, the convenience of the technology is that the director can move the mountain or lower the sun during shooting. This is done within ten minutes right on the set.

Mriya production, among other things, can work with real scenery, light and cameras, that is, it can simplify the filming process.

As a legal entity, the team registered in 2021, and the next year it received its first international contract.

Mriya production services are aimed at clip makers, film makers and creative agencies. The team works with clients in the UK, Germany and Singapore, but the largest market is the United States.

Feeling sharing app Obimy

Obimy is an app launched in 2020 by architect Zhenya Zasutskiy and IT company Empat. At first, it was positioned as an application where you can share your heartbeat and number of steps, as well as get emotional support.

Now the application is used as a messenger, where users can share pleasant gestures, touches and talk about their mood.

During the five months of the war, the app's audience increased from 20 to 5 million users.

Awesomic designer search service

Awesomic is a service that connects companies and designers. Its algorithm breaks tasks into parameters and selects performers.

Customers can take advantage of a subscription that gives access to a community of trusted professionals.

Users are given the opportunity to receive an order: logo and branding, product design, printed and marketing materials, presentations and animations.

Customers can subscribe and receive daily updates on the completion of their tasks.

In 2021, the startup entered the Y Combinator business incubator, thanks to which it raised $125.

Ukrainian Startup Fund

The State Fund is designed to help create and develop technology start-ups at the initial stages (pre-seed and seed) to increase their global competitiveness.

The Foundation selects startups for grants on a competitive basis. Evaluates and selects companies Board of independent investment experts.

A startup has the opportunity to receive $25 at the pre-seed stage and $50 at the seed stage.

In addition, the fund provides promising start-ups with up to $10 to participate in training programs of well-known Ukrainian and international accelerators.

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