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Shooting at high school graduation in Virginia leaves 2 dead, 5 injured, 12 injured in stampede

On June 6, 5 people were injured and two were killed in a shooting at a high school graduation ceremony held at a theater in downtown Richmond, Virginia. At least 12 people were injured due to panic, reports Yahoo.

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The 19-year-old suspect tried to escape but was arrested. He will be charged with two counts of second-degree murder, Acting Richmond Police Chief Rick Edwards said. Several pistols were seized from the guy. Police initially detained two suspects, but Edwards later said one of them was not involved in the shooting.

“When people heard the shots, there was a terrible chaos,” Edwards said. “We had hundreds of people in Monroe Park (located near the school), everyone started running in fear.”

According to Edwards, one of those killed was an 18-year-old boy who had just graduated from high school, and the other was a 36-year-old man, a prom guest. Their names have not been released, but police believe the suspect knew at least one of the victims. The killer's name has not yet been released.

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After the shooting, six people were taken to the VCU Medical Center, their condition ranging from serious to critical.

The shooting started around 17:15 on 6 June. The guests of the ceremony were just leaving the theater, many were on the street and took pictures. The shots frightened people on the street, and they ran in a panic inside the theater, pushing those who were leaving. As a result, two people were injured from falls. A teenager, who was running across the road in a panic, was hit by a car, the guy received non-life threatening injuries. Another 9 people received medical attention at the scene due to injuries sustained in the stampede.

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Hearing gunshots and then sirens, 69-year-old John Willard stepped onto the balcony of his 18th-floor apartment. Downstairs, he saw schoolchildren in prom suits running away and parents hugging their children.

“There was a poor woman sitting in front of the house next door who was crying,” Willard said, adding that the scene shook him deeply.

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