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Calm and clean: why the seats on the plane are blue

Boarding a plane can be quite a stressful event. Since you are very busy, you may not notice things like the color scheme of the cabin. Writes about it Reader's Digest.

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The next time you board a plane, you will probably notice that all the seats are blue. Of course, there are exceptions to this — for example, the red Atlantic Atlantic seats and the green seats on the Aer Lingus, but overall the seats on the plane are usually blue. So why is this so?

Blue is easy to keep clean.

There is usually not much time between flights to clean the plane, so it’s in the company's interests to choose colors and fabrics that can withstand heavy traffic. According to Rishi Kapoor, founder and CEO of Nanak Flight, many aircraft seats are blue because spots are less visible and easier to clean.

Blue - soothing color

Even if passengers do not have a clear fear of flying, the whole process can cause concern even for the most experienced travelers. To counteract this, many airlines choose blue seats because this color is considered soothing.

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“Although traveling by plane is the statistically safest way to travel, many passengers are still afraid to fly,” says Kapoor. “It may seem like an insignificant detail, but it helps to make the flight better.”

The company Boeing announced a psychological factor used in the choice of color during the design of aircraft, noting that the blue color is associated with peace. In addition, Boeing chooses models for cabin walls based on forms found in nature because “these designs help create a relaxing environment, like outdoors,” said Virginia Tripp, a color psychology designer at Teague, in a statement. .

It makes you feel cooler.

In airplanes, as a rule, there are two temperature conditions: extremely cold (thanks to an explosive air conditioning system) or hot and stuffy. Airlines are trying their best to keep cool on the plane and the blue seats also play a role.

“Colors can also affect a person’s perception of moisture, temperature, and aroma,” Tripp explained. Not only does the blue color make people feel cooler, it also gives the impression of clean and fresh air.

Blue as part of branding

Sarah Ratner, travel expert at NerdWallet, says that in some cases, choosing blue for the airline’s seats is simply part of the company's brand.

“Carriers usually use blue and red in their logos as a tribute to the United States, and the blue seats are a continuation of this,” she explains. John Frigo, an expert in digital marketing, says that blue is credible - a very important aspect of branding - that's why many dentists, banks and financial companies use blue in their logo or color scheme.

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Color Psychology, a website that explains the meanings of different colors, confirms this, noting that blue helps to instill a sense of trust, reliability and confidence. In addition, a 2011 study in the journal of the Academy of Marketing Sciences showed that blue is also associated with competence - which is incredibly important for airlines, given that we put our lives in their hands every time we fly.

Therefore, the next time you go by plane, look at the seats - most likely they will be blue, and ideally, they will do their job, and you will feel relaxed.

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