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Useful tips for those who wait out the hurricane in shelters

Photo: twitter / SFLRedCross @SFLRedCross

While shelters in Florida are being filled with people evacuated on the eve of hurricane Irma, you should know the rules of behavior.

“99% of people know how to behave in a shelter and realize that everyone is there for the same reason,” said Michael McElreth, disaster program manager for the Red Cross in Broward County. "Nobody wants to stay here on a typical day."
Inconsistent actions in the shelter can lead to unrest and not only.

Here is a guide on how to behave in a shelter.

Leave weapons homebut. It means not just weapons, but weapons of any kind: from a samurai sword to aggressive animals. This should not be in the shelter.

Forget about drinking and smoking. You can not come to a public shelter with a bottle or a can of beer. The same goes for any illegal drug.

Do not expect comfort. There will be no mint flavor on your pillow. It is better to bring your own pillow, baby cot, sleeping bag, air mattress or chaise longue, as well as sheets and blankets. While the staff of the shelter are doing everything possible to make you comfortable, this is not a hotel.

Do not forget about medicines and hygiene products. Take a two-week supply of essential drugs with you. Bring your own toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, towels, diapers, etc.

Take care of your petsx If you are in a shelter where you can experience bad weather with your pets, make sure your pets have the supervision they need. Bring everything you need to take care of them, from food and medicine to toys and leashes.

Follow the rules. All stressful situations and poor night sleep can affect relationships.

Offer your help... The shelter workers involve the evacuees in everything from cleaning up trash to cleaning windows and serving food. “The more busy people are, the less they think about what's going on,” McElret said.

Photo: twitter / SFLRedCross @SFLRedCross

Be a nanny. See the exhausted mom or dad? They are already in a stressful situation, like everyone else. They may ask someone to watch their children when they call, talk, or prepare a bed for bed.

Be prepared to entertain yourself and your family. Bring toys, books, magazines, tablet, phone, and charger with you. “You’ll have a lot of free time, and the more you get hung up on it, the worse it gets,” McElret said.

Be careful with nutrition. If you have special needs for food, you will need to take the food that you can eat.

Hold a curt speech. Watch your words and do not swear.

And speaking of toilets... With reduced pressure of water and a lot of people using limited opportunities ... it is worth taking toilet paper with you.

If you do not know where to seek asylum, here list main ones.

Recall Hurricane Irmaaccording to experts, is the most powerful of the recorded in the Atlantic Ocean for all time observations. On Tuesday, he reached the fifth category on the Saffir-Simpson scale. The maximum wind speed within it then reached 82 m / s. On Friday, the hurricane category was lowered from maximum to fourth. On Sunday, a hurricane is expected off the coast of southern Florida. This hurricane destroyed the islands in the Caribbean and killed at least 13 people.

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