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Why you should immediately call a lawyer if you are injured

You slipped on a frozen pavement and broke your leg, got injured at work, a dog bit you, or you got under the wheels of a car ... Life sometimes presents unpleasant surprises leading to injuries or even disability.

If you are injured at work, a lawyer will help you achieve maximum compensation. Photo: Depositphotos

A person's life can drastically change at one moment: yesterday everything was fine, and today there is no opportunity to work and support yourself and your family. Material compensation in this situation can be monetary compensation, which can be obtained from the perpetrator of the trouble. People from post-Soviet countries, as a rule, are not accustomed to legal proceedings, but in vain. In America, you can and should defend your rights, especially since the chances of success and getting a round sum with a good lawyer are very high.

A lawyer will help you get compensation to pay for treatment and ensure further life. The pleasant part - as a rule, in such cases, lawyers take payment after the successful completion of the case.

Russian-speaking immigrants usually prefer to contact a lawyer who speaks besides English, Russian, as it is much easier to communicate and explain the details of what happened, while the lawyer will conduct the case in English professionally.

One of these is an American lawyer Dmitry Levitsky, equally brilliant in both languages ​​and having received a quality American education. He graduated from the prestigious American University and law school, is a member of the New York and New Jersey Bar Associations.

Prior to opening his law office, Levitsky worked in major law firms in Manhattan and Brooklyn, was an intern at the office of the district attorney of Haccay County, worked in the anti-fraud bureau with medical and car insurance. Then he opened his legal office, where he successfully serves clients, helping them to overcome the emerging life challenges.

Lawyer Dmitry Levitsky. Photos from the personal archive

Dmitry Levitsky provides its clients with qualified legal assistance:

- in case of falls outdoors or indoors,

- for injuries sustained at home or as a result of car accidents,

- in case of medical errors or injuries caused by the negligence of medical personnel or caregivers,

- for dog bites or poisoning from stale food in restaurants, etc.

He also represents the interests of individuals in disputes with insurance companies about the amount of compensation for the damage caused, as well as in court sessions, if a reasonable compromise with the insurance company cannot be achieved.

Dmitry Levitsky answered the most common questions regarding compensation for injuries.

Injuries during ice

Who is responsible for clearing snow in American cities, and should these bodies be held responsible if a person is injured due to ice or snow?

It is the responsibility of the owners of houses and municipal authorities to clear snow and ice, therefore it is possible to prove their responsibility for the fall of a person on the street. In this case, everything depends on each particular situation, the evidence collected and the ability to bring the case to court. In addition, it is important where the incident occurred, since different states and cities interpret laws related to snow and ice removal in different ways.

What is the situation, for example, in New York?

In New York, business owners and management of apartment buildings are required to clear snow and ice on their entire territory, as well as on adjacent footpaths and sidewalks. The city is responsible for clearing snow on highways and near the municipality facilities. Thus, in case of your fall and injury, these organs may be responsible, but they need time to clear snow and ice. If you went for a run in 6: 00, and at night the snow fell or everything froze, then only you are responsible for the fall. The situation will be different at noon, and that provided that the authorities responsible for cleaning the bodies had enough time to carry it out. Clearing snow during a snowfall, according to the laws of New York, the responsible authorities are not required.

Фото: Depositphotos

What to do if you fell because of ice or snow outside?

If you slipped and fell due to uncleared snow or ice, you need to call 911 and also take a picture of the place of the fall. The picture taken on the phone will have the date and time, which is very important in the trial. A few hours can be crucial in determining accountability for what happened. In addition, snow and ice can melt before filing a lawsuit, and then it will be extremely difficult to prove anything without a photo. If someone approached you during a fall, helped you up or called 911, try to get contact details from that person, his testimony may play an important role in the trial.

Workplace injuries

What to do in case of injury at work?

After an accident at work (most often injuries occur at the construction site) it is very important to immediately start working with a lawyer. Some people mistakenly believe that their company aims to protect precisely their interests after an accident at work. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Most companies want to limit their legal liability for employee injuries as much as possible. Some companies ask employees to sign a form that exempts an employer from liability for an accident. Never sign anything before talking to a lawyer.

What compensation can be obtained from the employer in case of injury at work?

In addition to compensation for the injury itself, the lawyer will help achieve financial compensation for the loss of wages. Few workers can live for more than a few months without income. At the same time, few companies themselves offer to pay for the missed time while the worker recovers from injuries.

Our company has experience in successfully negotiating compensation for the loss of wages, which can significantly improve the financial situation of the client.

Фото: Depositphotos

Pedestrian crossing

Can a pedestrian somehow increase his level of security at a pedestrian crossing or is it solely the responsibility of the driver?

Pedestrians can take precautions when crossing the street, and in a busy city like New York, this is always a great idea. First of all, you need to do everything possible so that the driver sees you. You should not wear dark clothes if you go outside in the dark. Always look both ways before crossing the street, and don't walk across the street while scrolling through your phone or while doing something else.

What to do if an accident nevertheless occurred?

You must immediately contact a lawyer, a professional will help determine who is to blame for the accident, gather evidence from witnesses and doctors. In most incidents at pedestrian crossings, the responsibility lies with the driver, not the pedestrian.

Levitsky’s office is in Brooklyn at 3163 Coney Island Avenue 2nd Floor, in Brooklyn, NY 11235, You can contact him by phone: (347) 462-1660.

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Address: 3171 Coney Island Avenue 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, New York, 11235
Phone: 347-462-1660 / 888-493-9222

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