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XNUMX things you shouldn't leave in your car in the summer

Take them with you, if you don't want to wash your car or put out a fire in it, he recommends Life hacker.

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If you park your car in direct sunlight at 22 ° C, the temperature inside will reach 48 ° C after an hour. And on a hot day, parts of the cabin are heated to 70 ° C. This is a monstrous hell, in which people and pets should not be left in any case.

And in the cabin of the car on a hot day, not all things can be stored. Here is a list of items to take with you.

1. Medicines

Manufacturers recommend storing most drugs at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C, in a cool, dark place. Heat can affect their chemistry, and hence the effectiveness of drugs.

If you have to carry pills with you, then keep them in a bag, where they will be hidden from the sun's rays and will not get as hot as in the car.

2. Disposable plastic water bottles

Studies have shown that due to the heat, plastic is more active in releasing bisphenol A, a substance that, presumably, can be toxic to humans and causes endocrine and metabolic disorders.

However, to carry out this experiment, the water was heated to 70 ° C for four weeks, and these conditions are still far from reality. But in any case, it is better not to risk it and take water with you, especially if you plan to leave the car in the heat for a long time.

Moreover, bisphenol is not the only danger that is hidden in plastic bottles. In direct sunlight, water and clear plastic can act as a lens and even cause a fire.

3. Gadgets

Phones, tablets, battery-operated kids toys, and so on. Heat can negatively affect lithium batteries, shortening their life. Device manufacturers such as Apple warn that temperatures above 35 ° C can damage the battery.

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4. Sunscreen

From extreme heat, it can curl up, change its structure and lose its effectiveness. However, this also applies to conventional creams.

5. Alcohol

For example, beer in the heat produces 3-methyl-2-butene-thiol, a substance that gives the drink a disgusting sour-bitter taste and aroma reminiscent of a skunk stink. The taste of wine also deteriorates and becomes sharper and more unpleasant. It is not for nothing that it is stored in the dark and cool - at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C. And hand sanitizers can catch fire.

6. Chocolate

It starts to melt at 26 ° C. As a result, from the tiles left in the heated car, you will only have a brown puddle.

7. Wax crayons for painting

At 40 ° C they begin to soften, at 48 ° C they melt to a liquid state. So if you don't want to wash the seats and rugs, make sure that children don't throw crayons around the cabin.

8. Food

Particularly perishable foods include: prepared meals, dairy products, eggs, meat, fish, cream cakes, and more. It is not recommended to store them out of the refrigerator for more than 2 hours, and if the temperature outside the window is above 32 ° C, the time is automatically reduced to 1 hour. After this period, it will no longer be safe to eat food: the heat perfectly helps bacteria multiply, affects the structure and consistency of the dish.

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9. Lighters

They can explode and cause a fire. This mainly applies to gas lighters, but gasoline ones are also not entirely safe. In any case, the fuel is packed in a tight box and can expand greatly in the heat.

By the way, for this reason, it is generally better not to leave lighters in the sun - on the balcony, on the windowsill, on the terrace of a country house. There were cases when a forgotten lighter provoked a fire.

10. Aerosols

Deodorants, air fresheners, throat sprays and more. The same thing can happen to them as to a lighter. Heating the air inside the cartridge expands, as a result of which it can explode and damage the interior. A similar story is with pneumatic tires, for example, for a bicycle. It is also better not to leave them in a car with the air conditioner turned off.

11. Plants

Heat and dehydration can kill them, especially if you leave the plant in the seat of your car, where the temperature rises to 50 ° C or more on a hot day.

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