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Family from Florida taught an unforgettable lesson to a thief stealing her parcels

A family from Tampa (Florida) taught an unforgettable lesson to a villain who stole packages from their porch. Once they left a parcel with dirty diapers on the doorstep. Writes about it KTLA.

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It all started with the fact that the Salip family noticed the loss of parcels, including boxes of food delivered. Once even a gift to a child disappeared.

“I wanted them to feel the same way we do,” said Charlie Salip.

The family took matters into their own hands.

She installed a surveillance camera to initially verify the delivery of the parcels.

“This is really disgusting, but I thought: if a thief takes this, then he deserves it,” said Jackie Salip.

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Then the Salipas set the bait to see if anyone would come for the package. But what they put as bait, the thief did not expect to find, was the dirty diapers of their 9-month-old daughter Nora.

“We all sealed to make it look like a real package, and put the diapers on,” Jackie explained.

Salip said they filled the bag with dirty diapers three days ago. After about two hours, someone looked up at them. The video surveillance record shows how someone ran to the front door and then quickly disappeared.

The family filed a complaint with the city police.

“Whatever the thieves, I hope they like it,” said Tampa Police Department employee Sarah Michelson.

According to police, 2018 packages were stolen in November 25, compared to 10 in November 2019.

“Residents are much better informed about what is happening, although our officers are working on it,” Mikhelson noted.

The Salipas said they had to install additional surveillance cameras for security reasons.

But they soon discovered that their original missing parcels had been delivered to the wrong address.

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Parents plan to tell Nora about this story when their daughter gets older.

“Just tell her that it’s wrong to take other people's things. And you should be careful, because sometimes the alleged may not be what you expect, ”explained Jackie Salip.

Spouses plan to teach another lesson.

“Now we will have an upgrade - cat waste,” Charlie Salip promised.

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