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7 sites that pay for your trash

Gone are the days when you had to rely on Craigslist or eBay to sell unnecessary things. Today, there are many websites and applications - from the Facebook Marketplace to Letgo and OfferUp - that can help you get cash for unnecessary items.

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If you do not want to meet with the future owner of your item, you can sell them on websites and send them by mail. These sites pay you for your products and handle resale. Generally, all you have to do is send your stuff.

Below are a few of these options. Unless otherwise indicated, all of these sites cover the shipping costs of your products.

  1. Amazon Trade-In

The seller will buy from you unnecessary things for cash or a discount in the store.

Program Amazon Trade-In will provide you with an Amazon gift card for the estimated value of suitable items, including video games, books, mobile devices, and even Amazon devices.

Find out more : Visit the program web page Amazon Trade-In and find out how much Amazon will pay you for the item. To do this, click “Kindle E-Readers” or “Games”.

2. Decluttr

If you have appliances, CDs, DVDs, video games, books or Legos, Decluttr may come in handy. The site offers payment by writing you a check, with a transfer through PayPal or to a card.

Find out more: visit, click on the green “Sell” tab at the top of the site, and then using the Decluttr rating mechanism, find what you want to sell.

3. Gazelle

Another site that buys equipment, especially mobile phones. Answer a few questions about your product, and Gazelle will make you an offer. You can receive payment via PayPal, check or Amazon gift card.

Find out more: visit and click "Sell." To find out how much you will be paid, click on the appropriate category, for example, “Sell iPhone” or “Sell Mac”.

4. Raise

Do you have a gift card that you will not use? Do not let her go. Can be used Raise for the sale of gift cards up to 85% of their face value.

Raise is an online gift card store. In other words, it connects people who have unwanted gift cards with experienced shoppers who want to buy gift cards at a discount.

Find out more: visit web page Raise for sellers . To make a list of gift cards for sale, start by looking for the name of the store.

5. Secondpin

Do you still have CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs? Tired of the mess? Secondpin helps you get rid of these drives.

You must pay the shipping cost. After SecondSpin examines the value of your parcel, you can receive payment through an online store loan, check or PayPal.

Learn more: will visite

6. thredUP

One of the easiest ways to get rid of clothes in your closet - order a free kit . Fill this bag with high-quality, neatly used clothes or accessories and send it to thredUP. (You can transfer it to the mail operator, leave it at the FedEx office or at the US Postal Service.)

Then the site will take care of photographing and selling items. Once they are sold, you get cash or credit.

Find out more: visit . To get an idea of ​​how much your products can be sold, check out payout evaluator .

7. Powell's

Do you have books you would like to get rid of? You may be able to sell them to Powell's, an independent bookstore chain in Oregon.

He offers paypal or credit to your account.

Find out more: visit To find out how much Powell's can offer you per book, enter the ISBN books in the form on the web page "Sell ​​Us Your Books».

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