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Floods, power outages and disruption: violent storm hits Hawaii

The storm hits Hawaii with wild winds, torrential rain; thousands of people were left without electricity, reports USA Today.

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An unusually powerful storm hit the Hawaiian Islands on December 7, leaving thousands of people without electricity and flooding streets throughout the archipelago.

Hazardous weather left tourists stranded, including several abandoned wedding plans, and some of the island's most famous beaches were deserted as the threat of dangerous flash floods, landslides and falling tree branches continued.

This weather brought up to 3cm of snow to some of the state's highest peaks.

These conditions forced Governor David Ayge to declare a state of emergency for all islands in the state on the evening of December 6.

Honolulu firefighters rescued about 90 people during the storm, including helping five children, ages 9 and 10, out of the raging stream.

They also rescued an elderly woman trapped in a room due to flooding, the fire department said.

“The entire house was later evacuated after the side wall of the house collapsed due to flooding,” the department said.

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The severe conditions of the storm will continue, according to National Weather Service forecasts, bringing torrential rain and strong gusts of wind to Oahu's most populous island.

According to PowerOutage. us The storm, which brought at least 30 cm of water to some areas and gusts of up to 160 km per hour on some of the island's peaks, as of the morning of December 7, caused power outages for about 4500 people.

Hawaiian Electric said in a press release that a 90-meter section of underground cable in downtown Honolulu was damaged by flooding, and much of the area will not be rebuilt until the morning of December 8.

On Oahu, where four shelters were opened, most of the beaches in Waikiki were empty on Monday, with only a few people walking with umbrellas during the pouring rains.

Roads in the area were flooded, water gushed from the hatch covers.

Social media photos of the state's most populous island showed wreckage floating through flooded streets and water rising to car headlights.

Power outages and flooding were reported in Maui, with more than 30 cm of rain in some areas.

At least 28 cm was recorded on the southern coast of Maui.

The incessant rain has forced three mainland couples to postpone their wedding plans in Maui, said Nicole Bonanno, wedding folklorist, owner of Bella Bloom Floral and a boutique in Wailea.

The weather also led to power outages, delays in flower delivery, and tardiness of employees getting to work on flooded roads littered with rubbish, Bonanno said.

“The roads are all in disarray,” she said. "There are many fallen trees there."

Veterans and survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack 80 years ago planned to meet at the December 7th anniversary celebration in the morning at Pearl Harbor. Navy spokeswoman Brenda Way said in an email on December 6 that she had not heard of any discussion of the event being canceled due to the storms.

An unusually dangerous storm known as Kona Lowe, a type of seasonal cyclone that can occasionally hit the Hawaiian Islands during the winter months.

They are formed by winds blowing from the western direction of the Kona and can bring heavy rains to areas where such conditions are not usually seen at other times of the year, according to the meteorological service.

“There is a possibility that Honolulu will experience up to 30 cm of rain because the AccuWeather Local StormMax is 1 meter, which is possible for the southern and southwestern mountain slopes of the islands,” said Alex Sosnowski, a meteorologist at AccuWeather.

Along with rain, the storm caused gusts of wind up to 145 km / h and a weekend blizzard warning at the state's highest peak on the Big Island.

Snow is not uncommon at the top of Mauna Kea, which is almost 5 km high, and the last blizzard warning was in 2018.

There are no residents at the top, but there are observatories with telescopes and other offices where officials work.

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The Meteorological Service said there were reports of 20 cm of snow on the road below the Mauna Kea summit, and officials were working to get there for measurement.

Up to 30 cm of snow was predicted. Also, gusts of wind were recorded at a speed of about 150 km per hour. In other areas, strong gusts of wind were observed at a speed of more than 80 km per hour. Strange temperature lows were also recorded: Honolulu was unable to reach 22 degrees Celsius on December 4 and 5, for the first time in a year. According to AccuWeather, the city recorded a record low temperature of 10 degrees.

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In the U.S. state of emergency storm Hawaii
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