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Mikhail Zhvanetsky celebrated 85 anniversary: ​​30 of satirist's wicked and wise quotes

The famous satirist writer Mikhail Zhvanetsky on Wednesday turned 85 years. He began his career as an author of miniatures for Arkady Raikin and Roman Kartsev, and then began to read his texts from the stage himself, constantly appearing before the public with a leather briefcase in his hands.

Zhvanetsky is one of those authors who manage to give thought to a concise, sarcastic and absolutely complete form. And most importantly, in his sketches everyone recognizes himself - although, perhaps, we would not really like that.

In honor of 85 anniversary chose the most vivid sayings and aphorisms of Mikhail Mikhailovich:

  1. Never exaggerate the stupidity of enemies and loyalty of friends.
  2. If you are told that you are a multi-faceted person, do not flatter yourself. Maybe it means that you are a bastard, a bastard and a parasite at the same time.
  3. If you argue with an idiot, then he probably does the same.
  4. Luck smiles brave ... And then long laughs at them!
  5. Alcohol in small doses is harmless in any quantity.
  6. Thinking so hard, so most people judge.
  7. The optimist believes that we live in the best of worlds. A pessimist is afraid that it is.
  8. Nothing hurts a person like fragments of one's own happiness.
  9. It's okay if they laugh at you. Much worse when they cry over you.
  10. Wisdom does not always come with age. It happens that age comes alone.
  11. Our freedom is like a traffic light, which has three lights at once.
  12. If relatives or friends do not call you for a long time, it means that they are fine.
  13. Positive emotions are emotions that arise if you put everything on.
  14. If someone appeared who is ready to move mountains, others will surely follow him, ready to move his neck.
  15. Real loneliness - when you talk to yourself all night and you do not understand.
  16. Physical education prolongs life for five years, but these five years need to be spent in the gym.
  17. A decent person can be easily recognized by how awkwardly he does meanness.
  18. That our life: you will not get used - you will die, you will not die - you will get used.
  19. It is better to make love with love than to make love with difficulty.
  20. Great happiness is to see a real bloody heroic life and not to participate in it.
  21. It's hard to be the last bitch - forever someone is attached behind!
  22. As soon as you go on a diet, next to it, someone sits down to eat.
  23. It is better to remain silent and sound like a fool, rather than talk and not leave no doubt about it.
  24. Any car will be enough for the rest of your life if you drive quite well.
  25. It is not enough to know your own worth - you still need to be in demand.
  26. Life is like a piano: the key is white, the key is black ... the lid.
  27. The highest degree of embarrassment is the two looks encountered in the keyhole.
  28. I said: either I will live well, or my works will become immortal. And life again turned towards the works.
  29. Are you happy? At different times, this question was answered differently, but always - negatively.
  30. Guys, so if we're up to shit, join hands!

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