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Massive waves in California injured several beachgoers and caused flooding 

A powerful sea storm hit the California coast with huge waves, causing flooding and dangerous, destructive waves. Several people were injured by waves on Ventura Beach. The publication told in more detail CNN.

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A wave crashed onto a beach in southern California, sending a wall of fast-moving water crashing down on a group of spectators as they rushed to escape the floodwaters, bystander video footage showed. Sea water quickly knocked some people off their feet and hit cars as drivers tried to get away.

The incident left about 20 people in the water and eight people taken to the hospital, Ventura authorities said.

California beaches will experience high water and dangerous currents over the weekend, according to the National Weather Service. Much of the West Coast, from the U.S. border with Mexico to southern Oregon, is under a coastal flood and high surf warning.

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Waves of about 40 feet (12,1 m) could hit San Francisco. Waves of 15 to 20 feet (4,5 to 6 m) are expected on the central coast.

The hazardous conditions pose an "exceptional risk" of drowning in the ocean and damage to structures such as piers and docks, the National Weather Service said.

Impressive waves have delighted some surfers and spectators, but meteorologists warn the waves and strong tides could be dangerous for those nearby.

“Large waves can cause injuries, wash people off beaches and cliffs, and capsize small boats close to shore,” the National Weather Service warns.

At least one fisherman fell overboard in the harbor off Oxnard but later came ashore without injury, Ventura County Fire Rescue officials said.

Such conditions have already led to road closures and evacuations in coastal areas of California, as well as the rescue of five tourists on the San Luis Obispo coast.

Crews in Ventura worked through the night to shore up a mile-long sand barrier that was damaged by powerful waves on Dec. 1,6. The towering wall, about 28 feet (7 m) high, helps protect coastal areas.

Hoping to discourage spectators, local officials closed the main entrance to the Ventura Pier, where a wave of about 28 feet (20 m) rose on December 6. Some riverside streets in the area were also closed as a precaution.

In the central California city of Santa Cruz, the sheriff's office issued an evacuation warning for some areas, including the Rio Del Mar area, where seawater filled coastal roadways and pressed against some homes. The warnings were lifted later in the day.

The heaviest impacts are expected along the coast of Ventura County, as well as Hermosa, Manhattan and Palos Verdes beaches.

Rough waters are also hitting Northern California, where the Bay Area could see waves of 28 to 33 feet (8,5 to 10 m).

A high wind warning is in effect for the Bay Area on December 29, with wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour expected.

Showers will likely move north from the Bay Area throughout the day on December 20th before moving south through the weekend.

Massive waves attract surfers to Mavericks

Despite safety warnings, huge waves are a welcome sight for surfers eager to tackle the legendary waves at Mavericks Beach, located 25 miles (40,2 km) south of San Francisco.

On December 28th, professional surfers and spectators flocked to the beach to compete in the area known for producing the biggest waves in the world.

Local resident Ion Banner said surfers from Brazil, Tahiti and Hawaii took to the water.

“It’s very cool, very big waves,” he said.

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“The waves looked absolutely huge,” said Miguel Blanco, who flew in from Portugal to ride the waves. “They were really big waves, I would say 40-60 feet.”

Mavericks waves, caused by unique underwater rock formations, reach their greatest heights in winter, when surfers from all over the world make a pilgrimage to experience these waves.

The legendary waves and surfers have been the subject of several films and documentaries, including the 2012 biopic Chasing Mavericks, about American surfer Jay Moriarity's journey to the Mavericks as a teenager.

“If it’s your turn, you just have to go,” Blanco said. “When you see a big wave, you’re kind of scared, but at the same time you feel like you have to go, and you just go and enjoy the ride.”

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