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Interesting places around the world where you can relax in 2024 without an influx of tourists

Are you tired of the usual attractions or want to take a break from the mass of tourists? It's possible that these five travel destinations will be what you're looking for. The publication told in more detail CNBC.

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Intrepid Travel has released a new Not Hot list, highlighting noteworthy destinations around the world that don't have crowds of tourists.

Matt Berna, president of Intrepid Travel for the Americas, said their annual list aims to combat overtourism by helping travelers "beat the crowds while also inspiring them to seek out different and unique experiences around the world."

The 2024 list highlights two destinations in Asia, two in Europe and one in Central America.


Corsica, a mountainous Mediterranean island and territorial unit of France, is the self-proclaimed Island of Beauty.

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Unlike the tourist-heavy city of Positano, Italy, travelers to Corsica can "enjoy a more authentic, relaxing and exciting holiday without the crowds."

But the island's appeal extends beyond its coastline. Corsica is famous for its 180-kilometer (112-mile) GR20 tourist route and numerous historical sites, France's tourism website said. The island is home to six nature reserves, including Scandola, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its red volcanic rocks.

Corsica's unique combination of natural beauty, cultural richness and historical significance sets it apart from popular destinations such as Positano.


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Tokyo, Singapore and Seoul are the three most visited Asian cities in 2023, according to market research firm Euromonitor International.

Tokyo welcomed 2019 million foreign tourists in 31,8, according to the Japan National Tourism Organization. According to statistics from the Korea Tourism Organization, 17,5 million international tourists visited Seoul, Korea that same year.

“Tokyo has long been a popular tourist destination and as such its offerings are more diverse, attracting a wider range of audiences, especially families and more mature travellers,” said Nick Lim, CEO of The Travel Corporation in Asia.

Tokyo bookings increased by 2023% from January to November 234. But the popularity of Seoul is also not far behind. Flight bookings to Seoul have increased 191% this year, double the number in 2022, a spokesperson said.

“Young travelers may prefer Seoul to Tokyo because the city offers a mix of traditional and modern cultures,” Lim noted. The rise in popularity of Korean pop (K-Pop) and drama (drama) has also boosted the city's appeal, he said.

However, Seoul and Tokyo are still very different from each other. Both cities, Lim emphasized, “are culturally rich and offer authentic and unique experiences. The choice between them ultimately depends on individual preferences and interests.”


Panama, a Central American country bordering Costa Rica and Colombia, is home to one of the most complex pieces of engineering in the world, the Panama Canal.

The city has five UNESCO World Heritage Sites - two archaeological sites, Panama Viejo and Casco Antiguo, and three national parks: Coiba, Darien and La Amistad.

Intrepid Travel recommends Panama for those who want to "immerse themselves in local traditions, folklore and contemporary art that differ from the more European cultural landscape."

In addition to historical sites, Panama is home to seven indigenous communities. According to the country's official tourism website, two of them - the Guna and Embera territories - are open to tourists.

Kefalonia - Corfu

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Greece is known for its beaches, coastal caves and islands.

But away from Santorini, Intrepid says the islands from Kefalonia to Corfu are "a serene haven for travelers seeking a relaxing holiday."

Cephalonia and Corfu are the two largest islands in the Ionian Sea, and 12 more are scattered along the west coast of Greece.

The pristine landscapes and pristine beaches of the Ionian Islands offer a serene haven for travelers seeking a relaxing holiday, unlike more crowded destinations such as Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia.


Borneo, an island in Southeast Asia, is divided between three countries - Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Kalimantan, the Indonesian region of the island, occupies two-thirds of it, and the Islamic country of Brunei lies between the two Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah.

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While Bali is undoubtedly a stunning destination with its beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage, Borneo offers a completely different experience that is second to none.

Although the islands are close to each other, they are very different.

Bali is considered a well-known beach destination where tourists often spend the entire day on the coast, while Borneo is focused on nature and eco-tourism, Lim said.

“Borneo is definitely not an alternative to Bali, but it has the potential to become a hotspot in the long term,” he said.

The island, Asia's largest, is home to the world's oldest rainforest and Southeast Asia's highest mountain, Kinabalu.

Indonesia plans to move its capital from Jakarta to the island of Borneo to the city of Nusantara, which is currently under construction, by 2045.

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